This month’s newsletter is written by the Vice Chair as the Chair “Issy Horsley” has been unwell for some time. We wish the Chair well and for a speedy recovery.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project – Volunteers

The next session on Wood field for volunteers will be Tuesday 7th September 2021 from 10.00 – 2.00. Anybody who would like to come along will be made very welcome, as many hands make light work. There is plenty to do as there will be a skip arriving on Monday 6th September to take all the branches and loose leaves away. If you would like to help then please bring some secateurs or a rake along. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Feedback from the Parish Assembly

Many thanks to all the visitors who dropped in to the Parish Assembly on the 14thAugust to meet the new councillors and ask questions. There were not as many as the last Parish Assembly but then we were still in a state of semi lockdown. The Chair opened the Assembly with the statement “What does the Parish Council do for me”? and explained what the PC does. Many questions were asked of the tasks that were being undertaken and of those on display. Namely the new Village Sign, Community Hub, Website and War Memorial Group activities. Themes for next year are already being proposed.

Marsham Older People’s Project (MOPP)

MOPP has asked if there are any residents that would like to be a Trustee of MOPP. If you would like to be considered for this role please contact Annette Holmes – Coordinator. ( for more information.

Dog Waste

A group of Fairlight residents are looking at what can be done to improve the dog fouling situation in the village. This issue has increased somewhat on our roads and Wood Field. The Land Management Group is planning to meet with the coordinators of this group to discuss possible solutions.

Bartering System

It has been noted that there is a good bartering system going on in the village; more so since we have all been aware of Covid restrictions. Villagers are offering home grown vegetables in exchange for other items of home grown produce, although it has also been noticed that it has been a poor season! This all adds to the fact that we have a concerned and sharing community that cares about others. Well done to all those who have taken part in the bartering system and long may it continue.

John Lutman award.

This year’s award goes to Bill O’Reilly who has stepped down as Webmaster of the Fairlight Community website after doing the job for
many years. Councillors would like to thank him for the hard work he has put into maintaining the website. 

War Memorial Group

The group is finalising the supplier of the stone. A public appeal, to help fund the project, will start soon.

Parkhurst Cricket Club

Unfortunately, the cricket club has been wound up. Several factors have contributed to the club’s closure. It has been a pleasure to watch the home games on Wood Field and the Parish Council wish all the players the best for the future.

Steve Stewart, Vice Chair of Fairlight Parish Council                Email:


Clubs and organisations

As we continue to gradually open up again clubs and activities are restarting and the social life of the village is resuming. Thanks go to those involved in the various events that have already taken place.

MOPPs has reopened with coffee morning and afternoon tea sessions on Fridays if you would like to join or volunteer, please contact Annette Holmes – Co-ordinator. (

Picnic and Proms event

The Picnic and Proms benefitted from an unexpected window of good weather. About 300 people enjoyed the music of Steve Sinatra and the Kytes with a chance to see many friends within the wide space of Wood Field. A collection raised £450, which will go to the Conquest Hospital for staff support and Fairfest 2022.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project – Volunteers

The next session of the Wood Field Rejuvenation Project is on Monday 9th August from 10am to 2pm. Anyone is welcome to come along to help in any way you can, either with digging, chopping, and clearing or making tea and coffee, or just moral support and a chat. Please bring your own gloves and any tools that might be useful.

Annual Parish Assembly

The annual Parish Assembly will be held on Saturday 14th August between 2-5pm. Do come along to see what the Parish Council is planning to do in the next year, to meet our new parish Councillors, to ask any questions about the Parish Council, and to meet and have a chat with other residents. Refreshments and cakes will be provided.

New co-opted Parish Councillor

Councillors would like to welcome Deborah Martin who has been co-opted as a member of the Parish Council and to thank her for joining us in our work to maintain and improve the village.

Debs is a proud Mancunian who moved to Fairlight with her husband Tim just before the first lockdown to be nearer their daughters and grand child who live in south London. Now that things are opening up, she is looking forward to finally being able to explore the area.

Hastings Borough Council Bale House Visitors Centre

The Bale House Visitors Centre on the Firehills has now opened. At present it is open daily 9am to 5pm, with no immediate plans to extend this. The building is interesting and contains a cafe and space for information about the Country Park and its surroundings.

Parish Councillors have met with representatives of Hastings Borough Council and Groundworks, the company that will run the Bale house, to discuss how the new building will be utilised and to represent the views of residents. It is hoped that a dialogue with Groundworks will be established as this project continues.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

JULY 2021

Annual Parish Assembly

Covid restrictions permitting the Parish Council are planning to hold the annual Parish Assembly in mid-August. All residents are welcome to attend and light refreshments will be offered.

At the Parish Assembly the John Lutman award will be presented to a resident of the village who has significantly contributed to village life in the last year. Nominations for this award will be welcomed from anyone residents in the village the form can be obtained from the Parish Council website or from the Parish Clerk.

There will also be displays of various projects ongoing within the village. Feedback from residents on the proposals for these projects is welcome so that FPC are able to make informed decisions and move forward with them.

Fairlight fun

The penultimate event of Fairlight Fun will be the picnic and prom on Wood Field on Saturday 24th July at 6pm. The Kytes will be playing live. Attendees to this event are asked to bring their own picnic, drink, seating etc. It is hoped that residents and their friends will feel able to come and join us in an opportunity to get together again after the last 15 months. This event is free but a donation would be appreciated. Due to the limited parking space on the Wood Field, it is asked that those who are able to walk to the event, do.

The final event will be the sunflower competition and will be judged in early September by which time (hopefully) everybody’s sunflowers will have grown to great heights and produced a good seed heads for the birds.

Wood Field Recreation Ground

Many thanks to everybody who joined Councillors in the clearing of the hedge/brambles on Wood Field and contributed cakes, which were much appreciated. Funding to plant a bird friendly hedge along the boundary is being sought and is expected to be planted in November/December. So don’t put your tools and wellies away after the summer as help will be needed to plant the saplings.

Fairlight Community Website

Bill O’Reilly has stepped down as Webmaster of the Fairlight Community website after doing the job for a number of years. Councillors would like to thank him for the hard work he has put into maintaining the website.

The Community website will continue and Carol Sharpe will take over the role as Webmaster and will retain the old email address. The Parish Council will continue to fund this website, which will remain a separate website for village activities and events.


The Parish Council has decided that it would be a good idea if Fairlight village had a good quality large barbecue. A quote for a barbecue similar to the one being used by the Pett Level Rescue Boat has been sought. The Parish Council will be looking to village groups for possible donations towards the cost of this. Once purchased the barbecue will be available for hire at a reasonable rate to village groups and residents.

Hedges and trees

Could I remind house holders to check that their hedges and trees have not gone rampant and encroaching on the footpaths, or line of sight on the road. If you are cutting hedges back, please be mindful of nesting birds

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:  

 JUNE 2021

Sunshine after the rain

Following a cold and wet May, normal summer weather has been restored. Hopefully this will be accompanied by the opportunity to get out and about and meet people. Please be aware of the existing and future Covid-19 guidelines on social distancing and numbers for meetings.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project

The Parish Council is looking to improve and rejuvenate Wood Field Recreation Ground and would like to get volunteers to help with this. The first volunteer’s day has been organised on Monday 7th June from 10am till 2pm to start this process. The project is proposed to start at the top of Wood Field (parallel with Commanders Walk). This will involve the removal of brambles, dead wood and the cutting back of existing small trees and shrubs. In addition, it is planned to create a wildlife area in the corner which means removing unwanted weeds and digging over the area. Anyone who would like to join in either in an active or a more passive role is welcome to come up to Wood Field and take part.

Tea, coffee and cake (donations welcome) will be provided. If you are willing to help with the work please come appropriately dressed with boots, gloves and any tools/equipment that you think might be helpful. You do not have to participate for the whole of the session but are welcome to come and do a little bit and enjoy some tea, company and the great outdoors.


The Faircomm Hub steering group is continuing to progress and are now putting out tenders for an architect to draw up detailed plans of the proposed building. Small fundraising events will be starting soon. Initially it is hoped to open the existing Activate hut for teas and coffee at certain times throughout the summer. Watch out for further information on the Parish Council website and notices around the village.

Parish Councillor Casual Vacancy

The Parish Council is looking to co-opt to the vacancy of parish councillor. As you will know from the newsletters the Parish Council is responsible for various areas in the village and would welcome applications from anyone who would like to be a part of the Parish Council working with Councillors to improve the village for all its residents and visitors. If you would like to apply, please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Website Calendar

The Parish Council website now has a calendar upon which events happening on Wood Field as well as other events involving the Parish Council can be viewed. The Parish Council are hoping to extend this so that other groups/organisations can advertise their planned events on the calendar and provide one unified calendar for the village.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   

APRIL 2021

Fairlight Fun moves on into spring. 

The scarecrow event is going well with a lot of imaginative scarecrows springing up around the village. For those who are unable to get round to see them we will be putting photographs on the Parish Council website in the next week.


Sunflower seeds are available from outside 35 Waites Lane. There will be two seeds in each packet and we invite people of all ages to plant them and see who can grow the tallest sunflower or one with the biggest seed-head.


In the meantime, if you are planting seedlings or taking cuttings please add a few extra for when we do the seedling exchange.


There will be a scavenger hunt on Saturday 17th April in the afternoon. Details can be found on the Parish Council website or on posters around the village. You need to register in advance and further details will be sent to you. Each group will also need a mascot and a mobile phone.



It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that in some parts of the village, cars are parking on bends and near junctions. We appreciate that during lockdown there are more cars parked in the village than usual, but can we remind people to be aware of other road users when parking their cars.



There have been some concerns about dog-napping. Councillors have discussed this with one of the local PCSOs and if you see any activity which appears suspicious you should report it to the police. Please keep your dogs within your sight and be wary of strangers who appear to be taking an interest in your dogs.


War Memorial Group

At the Parish Council meeting in March, a report was received from the War Memorial Group. This group is working towards placing a stone war memorial at St Andrews Church on Coastguards Lane It will be engraved with the names of all residents of Fairlight who died during the two world wars, both military and civilian. Once we are able to meet again the group will be holding an exhibition about this.


Faircomm Steering Group

The Parish Council has also given approval for the Faircomm Steering Group to commission an architect to draw up a detailed plan for the new community hub in preparation for applying for planning permission. An event showing plans and more details will occur later in the year.


Keep Fairlight Tidy

Finally, could we ask when you are out and about enjoying the spring, to consider taking a plastic bag/gloves to pick up one or two items of litter and put them in the bins. This will help to keep the village tidy and discourage further littering.



Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   


MARCH 2021

Covid 19

The weather is
improving and many residents of Fairlight have now received their
first Covid vaccination. The news about Covid is positive, but we
need to remain vigilant and continue in lockdown for the next few
weeks in order to be able to start to meet together again.


Census 2021

The national census
will be happening on Sunday 21st March. This will be predominantly an
online census but a paper copy can be requested. You will be sent a
letter with details and an access code to complete the census online.
The census form must be completed. It is an offence to supply false
information or to not complete the census, and you could be fined up
to £1,000. Some questions are clearly labelled as voluntary. It is
not an offence if you do not answer these.



Despite the good
news about Covid, and with East Sussex County Council and Police and
Crime Commissioner elections happening on Thursday 6th May. Can we
remind people that they may wish to arrange for a postal vote. To
register go to the Rother District Council website and search “postal
voting”. (Link to RDC website – ).


And now for village

You may have noticed
that the Parish Council has purchased two moveable display boards
currently one is visible on Waites Lane and the other one is outside
the Village Hall where the prescription queue forms. It is hoped that
these boards will help to keep people informed of events if they are
unable to access the internet.


Fairlight Fun;

Fairlight Fred, our
gnome with no home has recently been seen in various gardens around
the village. When out on your walks have a look and see if you can
find him.


Comic Relief is
running a poster joke event and we encourage Fairlighters to join in.
You can download a poster from the internet or simply write your joke
on a piece of A4 and display it in the window. If you don’t have a
window, put it through the letterbox of Hairbase on Waites Lane and
it will be displayed in their window.


FPC are hoping to
run a seedling exchange later in the spring. If you are planting
seeds at the moment it would be great if you could consider planting
a few extra that could be shared later on. Also, we are going to
organise a sunflower growing event. Sunflower seeds will be available
soon so keep a lookout for posters advertising where to collect them


An Easter scarecrow
event is going to happen quite soon. The theme is Easter and
springtime and anyone who wants to create a scarecrow can take part.
Scarecrows can be displayed in your own gardens, on Wood Field, on a
bench or in a bus shelter within the village. Again, please look for
posters with more information.


Advance notice of a
scavenger hunt which is taking place on Saturday 17th April in the
afternoon This will take place within family groups or social bubbles
as allowed at the time. Details will be circulated in April


Now that spring is
here, we are inviting photographers to take pictures on the theme of
new shoots. A selection will appear on the Parish Council’s website
(with permission).


Finally, FPC would
like to thank Bob and Dec for trying to organise a zoom village quiz
which unfortunately due to our broadband in the village was not able
to take place.


Isobel Horsley –
Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   



Covid 19 Vaccinations

Many people over 80 years of age in Fairlight have now received the first dose of vaccination and those in the next groups are now being called in for vaccination. It is still hoped that all the top four at risk groups will have been offered vaccination by mid-February. Please continue to remain patient until you receive your invitation for a vaccination.

Wheelchair for the Village Hall

It was brought to the Parish Council’s attention that some individuals were having trouble accessing the village hall and the doctor’s surgery from Fairlight Village Hall car park. The Parish Council therefore decided to purchase a folding wheelchair for use in and around the village hall. It is currently stored in the waiting room of the surgery and will be available to anyone using the village hall or the surgery who needs a wheelchair for access.

Parish Council Community Grant Scheme 2021/22

A reminder that the Community Grant Scheme is now open. Any group that wishes to apply for a grant from Fairlight Parish Council can download an application form from the Parish Council website or obtain it from Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk. The closing date for applications is 1st March and grants are paid in April.

Fairlight Fun

The Parish Council has been coordinating a small group of people trying to arrange fun events and activities in Fairlight during this time of lockdown and beyond into the summer. We will be publishing details of the events as they come up but rest assured, we’ve got some really fun ideas.

The first event will be ‘Fairlight feels the love”. We are asking people to put a display/posters in their windows or front gardens over the week of Valentine’s Day in thanks to people who have helped keep them safe and supplied in the last year. For example, postmen, bin men, delivery drivers from supermarkets, delivery drivers from online firms, electricians, builders, and many more. If you are walking round the village in the week around Valentine’s Day please look out for these windows.

Parish Council Budget for 2021/22

The Parish Council resolved at the Full Council meeting held on 26th January 2021 to freeze the budget for 2021/22 to £63,000. This will mean that residents will not incur any increase in their Council Tax to fund the Parish Council.

Current reserves have been maintained at a sufficient level and any monies which had been allocated in 2020/21 for projects but have not been spent has been carried forward and earmarked in 2021/22 for these schemes.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

On a slightly more mundane note. Fairlight Parish Council have been in discussion with our local councillors and MP about pollution from the sewage outflow from the sewage treatment plant on Pett Level Road. Thanks to Sally- Ann Hart’s intervention, Southern Water has now agreed to put in a continuous monitoring station just below the outflow from the sewage treatment plant.

Resignation of a Parish Councillor

Finally, farewell to Councillor Slack who resigned in January. The Parish Council would like to thank Councillor Slack for all her hard work with the new website and actions on Wood Field and in Knowle Wood.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council



 A very Happy New Year to you all from the Parish Council and let us hope 2021 proves to be less testing than 2020.

Covid 19 Lockdown – Tier 4

Rother District Council area which includes Fairlight are currently in Tier 4. Can I just remind everyone to follow the government guidelines particularly with regard to staying home, not meeting people indoors unless you live with them or they are part of your support bubble, only meeting with one other person outside, masks, social distancing, and hand sanitising. COVID-19 is certainly around in the neighbourhood and everyone needs to be especially vigilant at the moment.

Christmas Light Competition

The winners of the Christmas lights competition were first place, Springerstoo, Lower Waites Lane and second place to Tamarisk, Hill Road. Congratulations to everyone who illuminated our village over Christmas. We would also like to thank Wendy Hatch and those who decorated their windows with Christmas carol scenes. It was much appreciated by many people.

Cold weather and Grit bins

Now the weather is turning cold and frosty the Parish Council would like to remind you that there are grit bins around the village containing rock salt which is for use on the roads or public pavements only, not for driveways. If anyone needs a further supply of rock salt to put on the roads please contact the Parish Clerk who has spare bags that can be collected.

Parish Council Community Grant Scheme 2021/22

Looking forward and mindful that quite a few of the village groups were unable to fundraise last year I would like to launch the Parish Council’s Community Grants Scheme for 2021/22. Application forms can be obtained from the Parish Council website or the Parish Clerk. The criteria and forms have been modified so please download a new application form. The closing date for applications will be Monday 1st March 2021.

Local Sewage Treatment Plant

As many of you will know the Parish Council has been concerned about the local sewage treatment plant and it’s effluent. We had a useful meeting with Ms Sally-Ann Hart, our MP in the autumn. Ms Hart will be speaking in a House of Commons debate on the ‘Sewage (inland waters) Bill’ second reading on January 15th. Many thanks also to Simon Young for his very informative data from the surveys that he has done over the years.

Parish Council Budget for 2021/22

The January Parish Council meeting will be setting the budget for next year and I would advise anyone who is interested to have a look at the papers attached to the agenda when it comes out in the middle of the month.

Future Covid safe events for 2021

Although we now have a Covid-19 vaccine it is going to be some considerable time before groups and societies are able to meet face-to-face and whilst we remain in Tier 4, I am aware that people may be finding they have a lot of spare time on their hands. I would like to try and convene a zoom group of interested individuals and representatives from groups and societies to coordinate ideas for activities and displays that can be put on in the village during the early months of 2021. This might include planning further displays in people’s windows, possibly a scarecrow competition or anything else that people have ideas about. If you are interested please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk and we will organise a zoom meeting to try and get activities going in a socially distanced Tier 4 way.

Isobel Horsley – Chair Fairlight Parish Council

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