The Parish Council is holding an event in the Village Hall on Tuesday 19th September from 

7 pm onwards. This will be an opportunity to look at where the budget is spent and what income is received by the Parish Council in the year. 

It is also a time to discuss with councillors any items you wish clarification on and to make suggestions for areas where you think the Parish Council budget could be revised for next year.

Please come along and put forward any proposals for projects or work that you feel the Parish Council should be investigating or carrying out for inclusion in next year’s or future budgets.

Refreshments will be available and we look forward to seeing you at this event.


The deployment of the leaky water butts around the village is still ongoing, and several households have already been fitted with them. All we need now is some rain so they can be tested. Some initial teething problems have been identified but these are being ironed out.

If you have not yet registered for an assessment as to whether a leaky water butt would be suitable for your property, please do so as soon as possible. The larger the quantity of water butts we have in the village, the greater the effect will be to slow down the flow into the drainage system. Please email: with your name and address to arrange an appointment.


The village survey and other information will be delivered to every household in Fairlight in the next few weeks. The Parish Council would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the survey either in paper form or online. Paper forms can be posted in one of the boxes situated at Hairbase, the Village Hall, and St Andrews Church. Online submission should be emailed to Pauline Collins, Proper Officer at The Proper Officer will redact any personal data before passing it on for collection. The form will be available on the Parish Council’s website.

This survey is being carried out to obtain a broader idea of what residents would like to see the Parish Council doing in Fairlight over the next four to five years.


From the beginning of September, Article 4 directions have come into force. This will mean that some buildings near to the cliff will need to get planning permission for development that previously might not have needed this. This is not to stop development but to ensure that any building/improvements near the cliff does not destabilise it and cause further slippage. A leaflet from Rother District Council explaining this will be delivered to every household in Fairlight along with the village survey in September.


Last week, we received very good news that Hastings Voluntary Action has allocated DISH a grant of £1000 for the purchase of a freezer, so that food and ingredients can be safely stored and a commercial microwave for the Village Hall kitchen, which will be more efficient than the small domestic one for activities like DISH. Any remaining monies will be used for food supplies for Monday’s refreshments and lunches.

DISH continues to be popular and offers a space for people to come to socialise, enjoy refreshments, or lunch, or to get advice and support in a confidential manner if needed.


Simon Young, a local resident, has for the last five years carried out an annual study of invertebrates in the streams above and below the water treatment plant on Pett Level Road. This is a way of measuring the water quality.

His latest survey does unfortunately still show that pollution from the sewage treatment plant is causing a lack of invertebrates in the stream below the treatment plant. This study is being shared with local groups/organisations that are involved in trying to reduce the sewage contamination of the local streams and environment.

The Parish Council would like to thank Simon Young for all the hard work he has put into the surveys and the information that it has brought to light which will help Fairlight in its efforts to remove some of its sewage pollution problems.


We have been asked to circulate the details of this survey which can be found at Its concerns, feelings of safety within the local community.


Harold Road Surgery will be arranging a ‘walk in’ – no appointment needed, Flu and Covid booster clinic in the Village Hall this year. The surgery doesn’t have a delivery date for the injection supplies at present, but once known, a date(s) for the clinic will be arranged and publicised to those registered at Harold Road Surgery. This will probably be in October.

Thank you

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council   Email:


16/19 AUGUST 2019, 12 AUGUST 2020, 19 AUGUST 2021 and 16/17 AUGUST 2023


To survey the invertebrates of the stream from source to outfall and to study the effects of sewage treatment in Fairlight


The sampling method is a three minute kick/sweep sample using a standard pond (hand) net followed by a minute manual search and count of invertebrates found.

BIOTIC INDEX. Pollution can be measured chemically but more easily by looking at the invertebrates themselves. Using the Field Studies Council (FSC) method for scoring each invertebrate. Then calculate the average score by dividing the total score by the number of types of invertebrate. This is the Biotic Index. It can vary over the year. A very clean unpolluted mountain stream could have a Biotic Index of 10.


TABLE 1      BIOTIC INDEX SURVEY SITES 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023

SITES                                                               2019           2020           2021           2023             


(source of Fairlight stream)                               5                 4.5              3.7              5.5        


(junction of Lower Waites Lane stream 

and Fairlight stream)                                          4                 4.7              3.8               4    

3 ABOVE SEWAGE DISCHARGE                4.3                4.4              4.5             4.8        

4 BELOW SEWAGE DISCHARGE                 2                   2                4.1            3.6  

5 BEFORE MARSHAM SEWER                    3.6                  2               4.2              3    


(from source near Market Wood)                      5                  4.4              4.7             5     


(Fairlight stream joins Marsham Sewer)          2                     0              3.6            3.8     


(Royal Military Canal)                                      3.8                   3                3.9           3.7    


All these Scores are low. The Scores in the village have declined, while the ones before the Sewage discharge are slightly better. There is a rise in the Score after the Sewage Discharge then a decline at the Junction of the Sewer and Fairlight Stream. Sadly this decline continues before the Sewer enters the RAMSAR site at Pett.

The Marsham Sewer flows into the RAMSAR site along the Royal Military Canal. A RAMSAR site is the land listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (The Ramsar Convention 1973). This site Designated March 2016. 



SITES                                                               2019           2020             2021       2023               

1 KNOWLE WOOD                                           *                  *                 *             *         

2 VILLAGE                                                          *                 *                 *             *                                                             

3 ABOVE SEWAGE DISCHARGE                  *                  *                 *             *                      

4 BELOW SEWAGE DISCHARGE                                                        *             *                        

5 BEFORE MARSHAM SEWER                   

6 MARSHAM SEWER                                        *                 *                 *             *                                           

7 AFTER JUNCTION                                        


Using the Freshwater Shrimp as a pollution indicator shows that no shrimps have been recorded

below the sewage discharge pipe up to the entry to the RAMSAR site. The largest numbers of Freshwater shrimp this year 2023 were still found in Knowle Wood and in the upper part of the Marsham Sewer. 

3 Bullhead fish were caught here in the upper part of the Marsham Sewer indicating a fast moving clean water stream equivalent to a ‘brown trout zone’ in this part of the Sewer before the junction with the pollution contaminated Fairlight stream.

A  Stonefly Nemouridae and possibly Amphinemura sp. (with a Biotic Index of 10) was found in Hoads Wood stream just before this stream enters the clean section of Marsham Sewer. This was very exciting as after 10 years of survey work here I have not found any species of Stonefly. It is so small and easily overlooked about 8mm long, but it indicates very clean water and a well oxygenated stream. Also a Beetle larva Helodidae sp. It is a terrestrial beetle but the larvae live in streams. These have been confirmed by the (FBA) Freshwater Biological Association in Cumbria

Sewage Fungus was found in the Fairlight stream below the discharge pipe from the Waste Water Treatment Works. It is not a fungus but a tightly sheathed filamentous bacteria Sphaerotilus natans,   beige coloured. It shouldn’t occur in any natural freshwater habitats. Its presence is an indication of a discharge of poorly treated or untreated organic waste. 

The last site just before the Sewer enters the RAMSAR site contains a mass of filamentous algae deep in the water, indicating high levels of detritus and organic enrichment from sewage discharge.


This is the 4th annual survey but the 5th year of using this Biotic Index. 

For the 4th year, 2019, 2020, 2021and 2023 the Biotic Index shows after 5 years a decline after the Sewage discharge outfall from the Waste Water Treatment Works with very low scores before entering the unique international designated RAMSAR Site on Pett Level.

From the source of the Fairlight stream to the entry to the RAMSAR Site is approximately 3.5km and at this distance it would normally see the stream water  being  re-oxygenated with a high Biotic Index Score at the end but this does not happen. The Biotic Index is much lower at the end of the stream than at the source.

As a means of assessing the pollution levels in this stream over the past 5 years, the use of this  Biotic Index analysis is consistent, reliable and a very accurate method. It shows us what we should be doing to clean up our streams and freshwater courses in order to protect our wildlife and to honour those who gave us this countryside in trust by giving it to the National Trust.

Dr. Simon Young,  a former Volunteer National Trust Wildlife Surveyor




Village Survey


The Parish Council carried out a household survey four years ago and from this we identified what residents wanted to see improved and maintained in the village. This then developed into our Action Plan. The time has come to do a new survey so we can develop a new action plan for the next five years. The survey will be distributed to all households soon and we ask you to fill it in and drop it in one of the return boxes (details on the survey forms). The survey will be anonymous. It will also be possible to download a form to fill in online.


Budget/Precept 2024/25


Councillors will be starting the process of setting the budget for 2024-5 this autumn. This year we are trying to get more input from residents. To kick off the process we are going to hold a meeting in the Village Hall on Tuesday 19th September where there will be a chance to see what the precept is spent on and discuss with Councillors what areas of expenditure you might wish to see changed for the forthcoming year. Following this the budget will be discussed at the Finance and Administration Committee and full Parish Council meetings in the autumn before setting the precept in January 2024. These meetings are all held in public.




The Parish Council gives grants and donations to local groups for projects. This year so far, we have given £5700. There is still the chance for groups to apply for a grant if they need help this year.


ID Badges


Members of the Parish Council and the Proper Officer now have identity badges on lanyards. If they are wearing these then they are working for the Council. If you see any of them without their lanyards on, please be aware that they may be off duty. If so, please give consideration to this before discussing Parish Council matters with them.


DISH – Drop In Social Hub


DISH continues to be popular and we have decided to try to have at least one councillor present to answer questions or give advice every week. This will be publicised through the FRA email scheme,

online and at DISH, giving details of who is going to be present, so if you have a specific question, you can hopefully put it to the relevant councillor.

Dish is also a great place to arrange to meet up with friends either for a light lunch or refreshments, there is usually cake as well. It is all free although a small donation is gratefully received to help keep it running.


War Memorial Steering Group


The War Memorial Steering Group would like to thank everyone who has donated. The total amount raised is moving closer to the new target and the process of getting it installed continues, this will be a worthy tribute for years to come.



Southern Water Pathfinder Project


The Pathfinder project led by Southern Water is progressing. They will be sending out letters about “leaky water butts” in the next few weeks.

We strongly urge everyone to take up the offer. They will come and check your downpipes before free supply and installation. Also, you will be able to discuss any questions you might have. All the installers who work for Rescue 2 will have identification, do not be afraid to ask to see it. The water butts can be connected to any existing ones you might have. These butts will help to slow the flow of water in times of heavy rainfall and reduce the problem of sewage overflow in the lower parts of Fairlight. For this to work as many households as possible all over Fairlight need to have them installed. More information and illustrations on how they work will be available on the letters you receive and at DISH.


Cold Callers


Can I remind everyone that if they get a “cold caller” that is causing a nuisance, you should ask them to leave, if you can get a number plate and details of their vehicle or a calling card, you can report that to the Police. Any details will help the Police to build up a profile, this may allow them to apprehend the vehicle even if that is in another village. No cold calling signs for your front door can be obtained from DISH.

If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the Police. The PCSOs patrol areas are based on reported activity. If you don’t report it, then the Police don’t know it has happened. All reports are logged and collated.


Volunteer Drivers Required


We are lucky in the village to have several groups whose main aim is to provide a service for specific groups. These groups rely on donations, grants and volunteers to keep running.

Currently, the Friday Lunch Club (MOPPS) is looking for volunteer drivers to help with the pickup and/or drop off of its members. It doesn’t take much time and petrol money will be reimbursed. This saves considerable resources as otherwise taxis need to be hired. If you are interested in giving up to one hour of your time on a Friday please contact Annette Holmes – email –



Thank you


Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

JULY 2023

National clerks and Proper officers’ week

July 10th to 14th is National Clerks and Proper Officer week.

This is a chance to celebrate and raise the profile of the role of the Proper Officer. Also, to recognise the work they do for their communities.

Many people think they are there to take minutes at meetings and do a few clerical tasks The reality is far from that. They are an important, professional part of the Parish Council team, essential in enabling and enacting the Parish Council’s work and allowing innovation with in the community.

Your Parish Council Proper Officer:

  • Juggles a range of skills from finance and accounting, staff management and HR, to understanding and interpreting ever changing legislation.

  • Adheres to a professional code of ethics that stresses integrity, impartiality, confidentiality and commitment to the public interest.

  • Continuously updates their knowledge and skills through professional development programs, training and qualifications.

  • Helps to run community events including jubilee celebrations, remembrance commemorations, Parish Council village hall events.

  • Is good in a crisis and was central to coordinating local efforts during the pandemic.

  • Coordinates with local volunteers to improve the local environment.

  • Prepares for, and ensures the proper running of Parish Council meetings and implements their resolutions.

  • And much, much more.

So please remember that the Proper Officer works hard, often in the background, for the benefit of the village.

War Memorial Steering Group

This new memorial will have the names of all from the locality who gave their lives during the wars and will be a worthy memorial to them.

The War Memorial Steering Group has now got all the permissions necessary and the stonemasons have sourced suitable blocks of stone. However, due to unforeseen delays to this project including the pandemic, the cost has risen. The group have already raised a magnificent £12,000 towards it from local and national donors but another £5,500 is now needed for the project to be completed.

The War Memorial Steering Group is now asking for local people to raise some of this. A small donation made by many will go a long way towards the total. There will be a donation box for the memorial at DISH in the village Hall on Mondays or you can contact Pauline Collins, Proper Officer if you wish to donate

Thank you

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


Village Sign

I would like to congratulate the Fairlight Residents Association and 
their Chair, Chris Smart for organising the new village sign. Also, thanks to Maggie Regendanz for designing it. It is a great asset for the village, and will be there for many years to come.

Wood Field Play Area

The Parish Council has installed new play equipment in the play area on Wood Field. This consists of a train with a fully accessible carriage and a toddler play tunnel and climbing space. Do go and have a look at the play area. It is a great area for the youth of our village.

Could I remind everyone that dogs should not be taken into the play area. Dog poo is again becoming an issue around the village. Please can I ask owners to bag it and dispose of it in the dog poo bins rather than the general litter bins, or take it home to be disposed of. Do not leave bagged dog poo lying around.


The Faircomm project for the new community hub on Wood Field continues to  move forwards. We need to get the old Activate hut checked for asbestos prior to demolition, and we have had drainage tests done on the field. The project is now at a stage where we need to start to write the business plan and look at funding. If anyone would like to join the group to help with this phase of the project or has experience, they can share with us, please contact Pauline Collins, our Proper Officer.

Year end Account 2022/23

The Internal Audit of last year’s accounts has now been successfully completed with no issues being raised. The accounts for 2022/23 are available for electors to view. Details are on the Parish Council website.

Parish Councillors Roles and Responsibilities

The new Parish Council met in May to elect the officers for the next year and allocate roles and responsibilities to Councillors. A full list of these will be available on the website soon along with contact details. If you have any questions for the Parish Council these can be e-mailed to the Proper Officer or you are welcome to attend a Parish Council meeting and ask your question in the open forum at the end of the meeting.

Market Garden Site – Road Naming

The Parish Council has been sent suggested names for the Market Garden site road. These are Elizabeth Place, St Andrews Place and Quarry Place. A local suggestion of Badgers Place has also been received. This will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 27th June. The final decision is made by Rother District Council.

Southern Water – Fairlight Pathfinder Project

This project is continuing slowly. The next meeting is to be held in July and will be chaired by Ms. Sally-Ann Hart MP.

Thank you

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email: 

  •                                                                                                                                       MAY 2023

District and Parish Council Elections

All those who stood for the Parish Council were elected unopposed. New Councillors will take up their position on Wednesday 10th May.

The new Parish Council will be made up of:

Issy Horsley, Ann Hohenkerk, Carol Sharpe, Debs Martin, Lyn Cooke, Geoff Smith, Derek Greenup and Ron Fellows-Turnbull.

The first meeting of this new Council is on Tuesday 23rd May 2023 when roles and responsibilities will be voted on and allocated. All members of the public are invited.

Congratulations also to Andrew Mier and Tim Grohne who were both elected District Councillors for Southern Rother Ward.

Co-opted Parish Councillor Vacancy

The Parish Council is currently short one Councillor and we would welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to join us and be instrumental in looking after the amenities of the village and organising/upgrading the facilities. It is fun as well as a bit of hard work but very rewarding.

If you wish to apply to be a co-opted Parish Councillor or require further information, please contact the Proper Officer.

Wood Field

Now the weather is drier, we are looking forward to getting the new playground equipment installed. It has taken a long time to sort out the funding and installation but I’m sure the youngsters of the village will have many hours of fun playing on them.

The key padlock on the gate at the entrance to Wood Field is going to be replaced with a combination padlock. Groups that are currently key holders will be informed of the new code. If you need the code the Proper Officer can pass it on to you. Please could I ask that those with the code, do not pass it on to people who do not need access.

Village Shop and Post Office

It is a great sadness to the village that Graeme and Leonie have decided that they will no longer be running the Post Office and village store. The Post Office is shut with immediate effect and the store will continue to operate but on reduced hours, closing after lunch on most days.

I’m sure everyone will want to thank Graeme and Leonie for the work they have put into supporting residents, especially during Covid. They have been a really positive part of village life and we will miss them and especially Leonie’s baking. We wish them all the best for their future and hope they stay local.

Thank you

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

MARCH 2023

District and Parish Council Elections -4th May 2023
A reminder that if you wish to vote at these elections you will need a Voter ID. This can be a driving licence, a passport, an older person’s bus pass, or disabled person’s bus pass. If you don’t have one of the above you will need to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate or opt for postal voting. If you need help with either of these applications or just need the paper forms, please come along to Warm Up Fairlight on a Mondays in the Village Hall and we will assist you.
If anyone is interested in standing as a Parish Councillor for Fairlight Parish Council at the May elections, information will shortly be on the Rother District Council Website, or at the Parish Assembly. The deadline for delivering nomination papers in person to Rother DC is Tuesday 4th April.

Parish Assembly and the John Lutman Award
This will be held on Wednesday 29th March at 6.30 pm in the Village Hall. This is a chance to meet and ask questions of the Parish Council. I’m sure there are subjects which people would like to discuss informally with the Councillors. For example, planning and the Market Garden site, use of Woodfield and Knowle Wood, maintenance of infrastructure, bus stops, benches, dog poo and many other topics. There will be a display of Parish Council activities – past, present and future. Also, a chance to see and buy items produced at the Ore Man Shed. Refreshments and nibbles will be available.

The John Lutman award will be presented at the Parish Assembly. If you wish to nominate somebody, who has contributed significantly to village life, please find the forms on the Parish Council website.

Local Fire Station’s Future and Firefighters Visit to WUF
There will be a meeting about the proposals for the Fire Service on Saturday 11th March at 1.30pm in the Village Hall. All welcome to come along and hear what is being proposed.

The local firefighters will, work permitting, be at Warm Up Fairlight in the Village Hall on Monday 13th March with their fire engine. They will be able to discuss fire safety and arrange a home visit if required. We also hope that our nursery children will be able to meet them.

Southern Water Pathfinder Project
A meeting was held between Southern Water and interested local groups, chaired by Chris Bunch of LWLRMA. This is looking into ways of reducing foul water flooding in the lower areas of Fairlight and on to Pett Level. It is still in the early stages but will involve all residents in management of rainwater flows. Southern Water will have funds to enable this once the best methods have been worked out.

Future of Warm Up Fairlight

WUF (Warm Up Fairlight) has been very successful in allowing people to come to a warm space and spend some time socialising, having a cup of coffee or tea and enjoying the lunches and cakes on offer. The Parish Council has decided to continue to support this idea. As the warm weather approaches WUF will become DISH a Drop-In Social Hub offering a space for people to come for a chat, refreshments, a chance to be with other people and an information point providing help with issues such as scams, setting up phones and laptops, filling in forms etc. It will continue to be free but donations are welcome to pay for the refreshments. We are also talking to other agencies such as the Carers Association to help reach out to those who have so far not been able to join us. From April, DISH will be in the Village Hall every Monday from 10- 4, drop in and join us, the cakes are delicious!

Coronation of King Charles

If you are thinking of planning an event to mark the coronation, Rother has a grant available to match fund some of the costs. Forms available on their website

Help for Households

Rother District Council also has funds available in the Household Support Fund. This fund is to support households in the most need with food, energy and water bills.  This fund will close on 31st March 2023.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:



The Parish Council has voted to raise the precept amount requested from RDC for the financial year 2023/24 to £90,000. This is an increase on last year’s figure. However, Councillors have strived to keep the increase to a minimum. Nevertheless, the Parish Council have had to allow for the upsurge in energy charges, the cost of living/inflation, as well as providing sufficient funds to continue to maintain and improve the infrastructure around the village. We think most residents would agree that it is important to preserve the appearance of Fairlight and replace any assets that are unsafe and beyond economic repair. We are also continuing to upgrade the playground area and the surroundings including Wood Field and Knowle Wood.

In addition, the Parish Council will keep abreast of planning applications in the area and if necessary, attend Rother DC Planning meetings to put the village perspective on any applications that could have a detrimental effect.


The local elections will be held on 4th May 2023 and residents of Fairlight will have the opportunity to elect its representatives for Rother District Council and Fairlight Parish Council. If anyone is interested in joining the Parish Council, please contact Pauline Collins, Proper Officer (details below) for further information.

A new Voter ID system will be in operation for this and all subsequent elections. Voters will need a form of photo ID which they will need to present if voting in person at a polling station. For most people this will be either a passport or driver’s licence. For those who do not have either of these the option is to register for a postal vote, or to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate. Information can be found at ID or pop into WUF in the Village Hall on Mondays or St Peters on Wednesdays between 10 am and 4 pm where you can get advice and help.


The East Sussex Fire Service will carry out free home safety visits to identify any fire risks and check smoke alarms. If you are interested contact


The WUF drop-in cafe and hub will continue to operate on Mondays in the Village Hall and Wednesdays in St Peters between 10am and 4pm. Many of those who come along, do so for the chance to meet up with others, have a chat and enjoy the refreshments and cakes. We can also offer films via Netflix, crafting ideas or just a friendly warm environment. It is great to see how many have already visited us and become regulars but we would love to see more and remind you all that this facility is open to all ages. For example, if parents with pre-schoolchildren want a space to meet in, they could join us at St Peters on Wednesdays when we will have access to toys and games as well as snacks and refreshments. So come along and see what we do. Also, we would appreciate feedback of your likes/dislikes and any suggestions how we can change or improve what we do.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

  • JANUUARY 2023


Happy New Year to you all

Christmas Events 2022

Christmas was once again a busy time with the Christmas lights and displays competition being judged just before Christmas. The winner was 27 Woodland Way and the second prize went to 8 Knowle Road. Well done to those residents and to all the others who decorated their houses and gardens for Christmas. It was very enjoyable to tour Fairlight looking at them all.

Christmas Cracker was a great success with eighteen people sitting down for Christmas lunch in the Village Hall and many more dropping in at some point during the day for refreshments and entertainment. Many thanks go to Carol Sharpe and her team for organising it and a special thanks to those from Village Voices who came down in the afternoon to lead the carol singing.

Warm Up Fairlight

Warm Up Fairlight (WUF) continues to happen on Mondays in the Village Hall and on Wednesdays in St Peters. WUF is open from 10am until 4pm and you are welcome to drop in for all or part of that time. Refreshments are available all day.

Community Grants Scheme 2023/24

The Parish Council business continues as usual and we have just launched the Community Grants Scheme for 2023/24. The grant application forms and guidelines are now available on the Parish Council website, in the document library. Please submit your forms to Pauline Collins, Proper Officer by 1st March 2023 if you wish to be considered in the first round of grants.

Budget and Precept 2023/24

The January meeting of the Full Parish Council will consider the budget and will set the precept for next year, details will be available with the agenda for that meeting.

Achievements in 2022

In the last year several Parish Council projects have moved forward.

  • Faircomm, the new community hub has been granted planning permission and once the conditions have been sorted out, fundraising will begin. If anyone has any experience of fundraising and is willing to share their knowledge and expertise, please contact the Parish Council.

  • We have obtained a grant for the new playground equipment and will be meeting with the companies shortly to arrange for this to be installed.

  • Improved access to Wood Field has been installed following a grant from Rother District Council. This new pathway has been very useful especially with the recent muddy weather.

  • The improvements to Wood Field will continue during the next year. The new hedge which was planted in the spring last year is growing and will need to have some maintenance done to it.

  • A volunteer group has been formed which meets in Knowle Wood to carry out necessary work there.

The Bale House – Hastings County Park – Extended opening time

Hastings Borough Council has granted planning permission for the Bale House to extend its opening time to 9 pm. However, HBC has also placed a restriction that no food or drink may be sold and no music may be played after 5 pm.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council


  • DECEMBER 2022

May I wish everybody a happy Christmas and a good New Year.

The Christmas decoration event this year will be judged both during daylight and after dark so that people who wish to decorate their gardens but not consume electricity have an equal chance. The winner and runner up will receive cheques to be donated to a charity of their choice. The judging panel is looking forward to seeing a variety of Christmas decorations and possibly even Santa scarecrows!
WUF is going from strength to strength with a lot of people popping in for a chat and refreshments. We are hoping to encourage people to join our knit and natter sessions on Wednesday mornings, and we plan to show films on Wednesday afternoons. A big thank you to everybody who has made donations especially those who having received their winter fuel allowance and donated part of it towards WUF.
Plans are well advanced for Fairlight Christmas Cracker event which will take place on Christmas Day. Anyone is welcome to join us for lunch. However, please purchase a ticket costing £5 either from the Post Office or from WUF. All are welcome to just drop in for a drink, chat and fun during the day. Again, we are grateful to everyone who has donated towards this venture and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone on the day.
Also, just to let you know about some other local initiatives to help with the cost-of-living issues. The Grumpy Cook Cafe at the Bale House on Hastings Country Park is offering a limited range of very reasonably priced meals both for breakfast and for lunch. The Ore Community Centre is also offering meals during the week starting at £4. Also don’t forget the Friday Lunch Club (MOPP) on a Friday in the Village Hall, with a two- course lunch and entertainment for £6. To book please contact Annette Holmes – Coordinator. Email Mbl: 07703 585329
At the recent Parish Council meeting we welcomed Ann Hohenkerk as a co-opted councillor. Thank you, Ann for volunteering for this role. This now means the Parish Council is back up to full strength. Ann will be coordinating WUF and Christmas cracker with Cllr Carol Sharpe.
The Parish Council has decided that the title of Parish Clerk is sometimes misunderstood and we have decided, as have several other Parish Councils, to refer to this position as Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer.
Also, at the Parish Council meeting the draft budget was discussed this will be finalised at the January meeting if anyone has any comments, they wish to make please contact Pauline Collins – Proper Officer/RFO. We have been informed that the Belted Galloways will not be grazing the grassy areas in the Firehills Country Park this year. However, the gorse and undergrowth need to be controlled and this will have to be done with tractors and workmen. This may cause some disruption while the work is carried out.

Finally, can I point out that the slide in the children’s play area is out of action until some repairs can be carried out. Please do not let your children use it.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council

  • NOVEMBER 2022

This month the Parish Council has been busy with various aspects of work around the village.


Warm up Fairlight has started and has been well received despite the current spell of warm weather. Anyone is welcome to join us for as long or short a time as they wish. Either just for a chat and tea and /or a light lunch on Monday or Wednesday, or for tea and a chat on Friday.


Planning for the Fairlight Christmas Cracker which will be held on Christmas Day in the Village Hall is advancing well. Those who would like to join us for Christmas lunch will need to purchase a ticket in advance so we know how many to can cater for. The cost of Christmas lunch will be £5 per person and tickets will be on sale at the Post Office or contact Carol Sharpe on 07967 396594. The rest of the day is free and anyone is welcome to drop in at any time for a drink, cake, mince pie or a chat.


Congratulations go to LWLRMA who have managed to persuade Southern Water to include Fairlight as one of the six Pathfinder locations to look at reducing the amount of sewage overflow in the vicinity.

LWLRMA have been lobbying Southern Water for a long time and it is good to know that their efforts have borne fruit.


Thank you and well done also goes to the Knowle Wood Volunteer Working Party who have been repairing the boundary around the bomb crater and demarcating/ clearing the pathways within the Wood. All the hard work has made the Wood a safer place for those who wish to visit and enjoy it.

The Working Party will continue with necessary works throughout the winter. If anyone wishes to join them, please contact


The Parish Council continues to endeavour to get walking football set up on Wood Field.

Hastings Athletic Football Club who are using Wood Field on Saturdays for their junior matches are now working with us and we hope soon to be able to offer sessions for anyone who would like to join in.

BUDGET 2023/24

The preparation of next year’s budget is now underway If anyone has a project(s) that they think the Parish Council should be taking into consideration for next year, then please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Council Clerk before the next Parish Council meeting.


On a less pleasant note, there has recently been a sewage spill at the bottom of Stream Lane near Leather Waggon. When Southern water came to investigate the problem, they found that the pipe was blocked with material that should not have gone into the waste system.

The waste system is designed only to deal with the three P’s i.e., Pee, Poo and Paper.

It is also advised to be careful what is poured down the sink as fat etc. can congeal with food waste and create blockages. All waste other than the three P’s should be put into the rubbish bin.

Continuing on the theme of poo, it has unfortunately come to our attention that whilst the level of dog poo on Wood Field has reduced, it has not been eliminated altogether. Also, there has been an incident of poo bags full of dog poo being thrown into the undergrowth alongside a footpath. Can we remind people to dispose of the dog poo bags either in the appropriate bins provided by the Parish Council around the village or in their own domestic bins.


There have been several incidents recently in the village of suspicious activity and attempted break-ins. The Police are aware and have increased the number of patrols particularly early in the morning and late at night within the village. Graeme Gambrell is our local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and can be contacted in the Post Office. If you see any suspicious activity,

please report it to the Police. The Police are only able to access the CCTV images if they have received a report.


Rother District Council Planning Committee is due to meet on Thursday 10th November 2022 and we understand that the Market Garden planning application for the variation of conditions will be on the agenda for consideration. The Parish Council will be making a representation to the RDC Planning Committee to speak at this meeting and make members aware of the local issues.


Following the success of past years, the Parish Council will again be running the Christmas Lights Competition. Time to get those decorations and lights down from the loft and add a bit of sparkle to this dull and dreary time of year. This year however, due to the high energy costs the Parish Council will not be expecting lavish lighting displays but please decorate your windows, doors and trees/bushes. Councillors will be driving round the village during the day and evenings to see what different displays you have achieved. Perhaps even Father Christmas, a snowman or festive scarecrow might appear.

First prize of £50 and second prize of £25, to go to the winners’ charities of choice. (Please note that the same house won’t be able to win the prize for more than 2 years in a row).

Everyone is automatically eligible so no need to enter.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council



What’s happened in September


The Parish Council would like to welcome Ron Fellows-Turnbull as a new co-opted Parish Councillor. Currently he is a Councillor without portfolio so he can ease himself into the role for the next few months before taking on some responsibilities.

  • -has signed up to the NALC Civility and Respect Pledge.

  • -have been awarded a grant towards the cost of new playground equipment, which will be ordered shortly.

  • -has decided to arrange for 6 cuts to the ‘urban’ verges in the village for next year

  • -have initiated jointly with the Friday Lunch Club (MOPP), St Andrews Church group, the Village Hall Committee and the Fairlight Residents Association, a project called Warm Up Fairlight (details below).

  • -have launched a project named Christmas Cracker which is well under way (details below)

  • -Planning Committee has been planning its response to the new planning application for the Market Garden site.

  • -War Memorial Group has finally got all the permissions they need and have ordered the stone for the memorial.

  • -have booked tree maintenance work on Knowle Wood which will take place on 10th and 11th October.

  • -held a Freshers Fair alongside the jigsaw puzzle sale which raised funds for the village hall and awareness of some of the clubs and groups in the village.


Don’t use the slide! The slide in the play area of Wood Field Recreation Ground is corroded and in a potentially dangerous condition. The Parish Council have taken advice and made the decision to take it out of commission. The slide will be either repaired or replaced as soon as possible. In the meantime, please do not let your children attempt to play on it.

Tree maintenance work on Knowle Wood will take place on 10th and 11th October 2022. Please be careful when walking through the Wood as the contractors will have chainsaws and a mobile chipper.

Hastings Athletic Football Club have started playing under 11’s matches on Wood Field at weekends and Carly’s Forest School has started using Knowle Wood for their activities. Keep your eyes on the notice boards etc. if you wish to book on to one of Carly’s events.


The Fairlight Residents Association are now looking into taking the village sign project forward.


Warm Up Fairlight will start on Monday 17th October in the Village Hall. On Wednesdays we will be using the premises at St Peter Church as the village hall is being used, and on Fridays the small hall will be available for WUF for anyone who wants to come along. Everyone is welcome.

Each session is for all ages. We will start at 10am and run until 4pm. Come along for the whole or just part of it. Refreshments will be available all day and a light lunch from 12 until 1.

Volunteers are also needed, not necessarily every week but we will have a Rota so you can give as much or as little time as you can.


Fairlight Christmas Cracker is a Parish Council project which will provide a traditional Christmas Day for the residents of Fairlight, including Christmas lunch, games, the King’s Speech, carols and much more.

It will be open to anyone, individuals and families of all ages, who would otherwise not be celebrating Christmas with others, you can spend the whole day, or pop in and out as the mood takes you.

Anyone wishing to help out or to book a place at the lunch table can contact Carol on 07967 396594 or by email or find us on the community website


The flu jab clinic has been booked for the Village Hall for the end of October for Harold Road patients. Anyone who is eligible can also go to the local pharmacies to get their flu jabs without an appointment. Those eligible for a Covid booster need to make an appointment at one of the vaccination centres.


There is a phone number for any emergencies at the Hastings Country Park This is a land line but is transferred to a mobile out of hours. The number is available on the Parish Council website or on the outside door of the Bale House.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

August 2022

Firstly the Parish Council would like to thank all the residents who attended the Wakehams hearing at Bexhill Townhall; put up posters, and gave us support for the appeal hearing last month. It was a long hot day but I think we were able to put across the points that villagers had raised when we had our open meeting.

The inspector listened to our concerns. We now await the outcome his decision about the planning permission.

War memorial

The good news is that we now have approval from the diocese to erect the war memorial at the church.

The war Memorial group are now able to proceed with placing an order for the memorial as planned.

Those who generously made pledges will now be asked to pay their pledges into the fund.

Although we have reached a great total we still need more funds and would be grateful for any further pledges or fundraising ideas.


Fair,com has received outline planning permission and we are now moving onto the next phase which is to look at the conditions of the planning permission and also to start fundraising.

We are looking for anyone in the village with fundraising experience who can advise and help the Faircomm committee. Anyone who would like more information please contact Pauline Collins


We have had two requests to use wood fields which the Parish Council has agreed. Fairlight Athletic Football Club would like to use Woodfield to hold training and matches for the under 12 teams on a Saturday and Sunday morning. The other request is for a Forest School which is for preschool children accompanied by their parents and will hopefully take place in Knowle wood.

The toddler swings in the play area have been replaced and are now fully functional and safe.

Parish council meeting

There will be no parish council meeting in August the next meeting of the full Parish council will be in September.

The Parish Council has resolved that although we will be posting news and information on local Facebook pages we will be turning off the possibility for comments on these.

This is in light of recent rather toxic comments that have appeared about the Parish Council on these pages. If you have any comments or concerns about the functioning of the Parish Council please contact Pauline Collins Parish Clerk and RFO who will pass them on to the parish council

                                                                                                                                    JULY 2022


The Parish Council is on the receiving end of a lot of emails, letters and comments of social media. Most  of these are appropriate and worded in a civil and respectful manner, even when disagreeing with us.

However, in the recent months the Parish Council has been subjected to rude and offensive comments, some of which were personal. These have affected all the councillors and Pauline, our hardworking Clerk/RFO. Two Councillors have felt that these rude comments are of a level that they do not have to take and have sadly resigned from the Parish Council because of them.

The Parish Council is not some distant bureaucratic body. We are up to nine elected volunteers and our Clerk. We all live in Fairlight and we work to keep Fairlight a pleasant, inclusive, vibrant place to live.

We are here to listen to relevant concerns and try to implement improvements that residents want to see happen in Fairlight. We will not tolerate rude, offensive or disrespectful communications, and will not respond to them until they are re-worded.

The Parish Council meeting in June was well attended and residents were able to ask questions of the Council, including a good discussion about the village sign. This is the right forum to raise concerns with the Parish Council. Any issues, questions or concerns can also be raised via email or letter to the Parish Clerk.


Cllr Geoff Smith has been spending a lot of time communicating with both Highways and Stagecoach. He  has managed to persuade Highways for the need for signage to prevent heavy traffic using Rosemary Lane as a diversion. The first attempt by Highways was not adequate so Geoff suggested further signage, which we now have. Also, Geoff has ensured that the 101 runs to Fairlight as a shuttle. This was not in the original plan from Stagecoach who were going to bypass Fairlight altogether during the road closures.


The Parish Council continues to monitor this development. However, we are only seven people and are not able to visit every day. If you think the planning conditions are not being met, please report it to Rother DC Planning Enforcement.

We are currently working to ensure signage within the village to direct works traffic along the designated route is in place and are in contact with the site manager about road closures at the Lower Waites Lane, Smugglers Way junction.

In addition, the Japanese Knotweed is being dealt with and supervised by a representative of the company who will provide the certificate of clearance.


The planning application has been submitted to RDC for the new community hub on Wood Field. The Parish Council Community Hub Committee is looking for additional, non-Parish Council members to help and advise us as we take this exciting project forward. If you wish to join this Committee, please contact the Parish Clerk.


Clerk to the Council: Pauline Collins

35 Waites Lane, Fairlight, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4AX

 07487 822729 email:


We have had several groups approach the Parish Council about running organised activities on Wood Field and in Knowle Wood. One of these is Hastings Athletic Football Club. They require more space for training and matches for their youth teams and have started discussions with the Parish Council about using Wood Field on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the under 11 teams.

They are an inclusive club that would welcome members from Fairlight, and if granted a lease by the Parish Council would work with us to improve the pitch area. The goal posts and other equipment would be removed between matches.

We have also been approached by someone who wants to run a forest school on Wood Field and Knowle Wood using the Youth Club hut as a base.

The backing board for the basket ball net has been replaced, thanks to Activate Youth club for providing this.

The improvements to Wood Field continue and we are now looking to start a group who would be willing to meet and help maintain the flora of Wood Field and Knowle Wood. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to volunteer.


The Planning Inspector’s appeal hearing for the Wakehams planning application is being held on Tuesday 19th July at Bexhill Town Hall from 10 am onwards. If you would like to attend for the early part of it to show the residents concerns for the proposed development, please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk.

A well- attended open meeting for residents was held in June were good ideas and suggestions were shared.

A small group made up of members of the Parish Council, Andrew Mier, our Rother District Councillor, Chris Bunch, Chair of the Lower Waites Lane Road Maintenance Association, Chris Smart, Chair of the Fairlight Resident’s Association, Chris Saint, a Parish Councillor from Pett Parish Council, and two residents who will be directly affected by it, Maggie Sullivan and Lorne Smith, are meeting weekly to work out the village’s response and ensure that all the concerns are raised to the Inspector at the hearing.


Firstly, all Parish Councillors and members of the War Memorial Steering Group would like to thank Val King and her family and friends for their generous donations in memory of Tony King to the war memorial fund. The total received was £2040.

Secondly, a big thank you to the parents and children of the Fairlight Nursery and Playgroup who have raised £167 to help provide new play equipment for Wood Field playground.


If you have anything you wish to raise with the Parish Council, please contact Pauline or come to our next meeting. All civil and respectful requests will be looked at and will either be dealt with, or you will be advised who to pass on your concerns to.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:        

JUNE 2022


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who worked hard to make sure we could have fun over the Jubilee weekend. From the scarecrows, crowns and plants; through to the Beacon lighting, the delicious Jubilee lunch and tea, up the church tower for fantastic views, the have a go bowls, the radio link up with far flung places, the service in the church, to the music and entertainment that is Fairfest. Again, a big thank you to everyone involved. It was a weekend to remember, even if we didn’t have Paddington to our tea! It shows just how residents with different skills can come together to work as one for all the village.


The public appeal hearing for the development on East Field will be held on Tuesday 19th July from 10.00am at the Town Hall in Bexhill. The Parish Council has applied for speaking rights. The Parish Council will be holding an informal meeting on Thursday 16th June at 7.00pm in the Village Hall, to discuss a coordinated response from the village. All are welcome to come along and help us plan our responses to this appeal.

In addition to attending and speaking at the hearing, we need to organise some posters on Battery Hill, Waites Lane and Pett Level Road to raise public awareness of the issues.

Also, at this meeting we will be discussing the new Village sign and the next steps in getting this project moving forward.


The Rother Lottery is now up and running and some people in the village have already won, albeit relatively small prizes. The Parish Council has received just over £100 from the first month of the lottery running. If you would like to join the lottery and nominate your good cause, details are on the Parish Council website and posters around the village.


The walking football demonstration at Fairfest was a lot of fun. Look out for information about sessions in the village for anyone of any age who would like to try it. You don’t need to be fit or have previous experience of playing football, just a pair of trainers, and a willingness to give a new experience a go. Families are especially welcome. Refreshments will be provided and spectators are welcome.


The Parish Assembly held on 26th May was well attended and the presentation by Andy Dinsdale of Strandliners was informative and well received.

The John Lutman award was presented to Jennifer Annetts for all her hard work over the years with the Activate Youth Club, the Pantomime Group, the Fairlight Players, Fairfest and the Parish Council to name a few. Jennifer has kindly donated the £150 she received to the Fairlight Playgroup and Nursery.


Finally, can I remind you that the Parish Council will not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour. Any communication with the Parish Council which is deemed rude, offensive or aggressive will be acknowledged, but not acted on until it is resubmitted with appropriate wording and tone.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

MAY 2022

May looks as if it’s going to be a busy month for many, with preparations for the Jubilee weekend well underway and the Parish Assembly happening towards the end of the month.


Kerry Gentleman has been growing on plugs of flowers in patriotic colours. She will be holding a sale of these on Sunday 15th of May at the Village Hall. If you’re unable to make this and would like some of the plugs please contact her at


The Jubilee scarecrows and crowns are hopefully coming along well. There is a patriotic theme for the scarecrows. If you want any knitting or crochet patterns for the crowns, please contact Issy Horsley. It is suggested that both crowns and scarecrows are put out around the village from the week beginning May 23rd. Along with any other appropriate decorations and bunting.


The Big Jubilee Lunch will be held in the Village Hall on Friday 3rd June. You will be welcome any time from 10 o’clock in the morning and lunch will be served about 12.30. There will be a quiz, a raffle and entertainment. Tickets are available from the Post Office or Hairbase at £6 each.


The Jubilee Tea will be held in the Village Hall from 3 pm till 5 pm on Friday 3th June. Cream scones, cake, and drinks will be served. There will be a display by the Fairlight History Group. The Lord Lieutenant’s deputy Sarah Kowitz will also be attending this event. Tickets are on sale from the Post Office or Hairbase at £2 each.

Please see the posters and flyers or check on the website for the other events happening over the Jubilee weekend in the village, these include have a go bowls, the church tower opening, a children’s disco, and Fairfest music with bar and BBQ on Saturday evening and Fairfest festival on Sunday with all the usual fun and food, including a demonstration of walking football and the dog show and a chance to talk to radio enthusiasts from all over the world. There will also be a church service at 10:30am on Sunday 5th June in the church.


The Annual Parish Assembly is taking place on 26th May at 6.30 pm in the Village Hall. All are welcome to attend and enjoy a chance to hear from Andy Dinsdale of Strandliners about the work they are doing as well as meeting your Parish Councillors and representatives from some of the various clubs and groups of the village.

Nominations for the John Lutman award for a member of the community that has contributed to village life, close on Monday, May 16th 2022. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Parish Council website or obtained from the Post Office.


The new disabled access path has been installed thanks to a grant from Rother District Council. This should allow wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs to have easier access to Wood Field.

The whips which were planted to form a new hedge along three sides of Wood Field in the early spring are now growing well. Along the fence which backs onto gardens from Meadow Way we have planted a row of crab apple trees which we hope in years to come will not only give nice blossom in spring, but also the potential for crab apple jelly.

Unfortunately, the weeds are also growing well around the whips and we will be organising a work party to try and keep these clear as the summer progresses.

ROTHER COMMUNITY LOTTERY – don’t forget to buy your ticket

The Parish Council is registered as a good cause. If you sign up for the Rother lottery and nominate Fairlight Parish Council as your good cause then we will receive 50p of the £1 ticket price. This will be used for projects within the village. You have the chance each week to win up to £25,000. There have already been winners in the village who matched two numbers and got three free tickets. If you sign up before 25th June you could also win a forest staycation.

Further details at or the Parish Council website or call 01424 579020.


Could I remind people who are parking their cars on the various roads around Fairlight to do so mindful of pedestrians and also other road users. We have, as has been recently highlighted, several bends on our roads which are potentially dangerous, and inconsiderately parked cars can add to the problem.


Finally, for those who wish to encourage wildlife and insects into their gardens please see Rother District Council advice on “No-Mow-May”.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council


 APRIL 2022

Having enjoyed the recent good weather, which will hopefully return, we can start to look forward to spring events. Whilst COVID is still definitely in our midst the infection rates are falling again and with caution we can look forward to all our groups and societies getting going again.


Work has commenced on the Market Garden site. The Parish Council is trying to monitor this; but if you have any concerns whether the conditions of planning are being followed you can let the enforcement officer at Rother District Council know via email. The planning appeal for the East Field application has now closed for comments, evidence was submitted by the Parish Council and several other village groups and individuals. We will have to await the outcome of the inspector’s deliberations.


The new cameras are now installed. These give much clearer pictures both for number plate recognition and to identify individuals. These are both only to be used under specific circumstances or at the request of the police. So, if you have any concerns that might be resolved by use of the images, please contact the local police.

War Memorial

The War Memorial Fund has now had pledges amounting to £5000. This provides sufficient funds to allow the stone to be ordered once all the permissions have been obtained. It is still hoped that it can be unveiled in November. Please continue to make your pledges and donations to this project.

John Lutman Award

This is an annual award given to a resident who has contributed significantly to the life of the village. Nomination forms can be found on the Parish Council website or at the Post Office. The award will be presented at the Parish Assembly on May 26th.

Walking Football

The Parish Council has received a grant from Active Rother to purchase the equipment for walking football. Once this has arrived, we will organise some initial sessions. Walking football can be played by anyone who wants to come along, have a bit of exercise, a chat and a cup of tea afterwards. Fitness is not important but the desire to have a bit of fun is!

Rother Community Lottery

The Parish Council is signed up as a good cause. If you sign up for the Rother lottery and nominate Fairlight Parish Council as your good cause then we will receive 50p of the £1 ticket price. This will be used for projects within the village. You have the chance each week to win up to £25,000.

Further details at or the Parish Council website or call 01424 579020.

MOPP – Friday Lunch Club

This Friday Lunch Club is now back and running every week and would like invite new members. A two-course lunch and refreshments, entertainment and other services such as transport, hearing aid batteries and toe nail cutting are provided.

Also, this group is in need of volunteer helpers to serve lunches, refreshments and help the attendees.

Please contact Annette Holmes mbl: 07703 585329 or Jim Saphin 07905 981036 for more information.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

 MARCH 2022

Knowle Wood

A big thank you to those who formed the working party in Knowle Wood to start delineating paths. The idea is to reduce the number of tracks going through the woods but not to stop people enjoying them, especially at this time with the bluebells soon emerging and wildlife returning. We would ask people to please respect the new paths and to try to avoid walking in areas where the bluebells are emerging.

Also, we will shortly be receiving and planting some more whips to go into the hedge behind the Activate club hut and will be looking for volunteers. Please look out for posters and notices on the Facebook page and around the village.

Police and Crime Reporting

East Sussex Police have recently held sessions publicising the new way they are collecting and processing data. Also, how this data is used to plan policing numbers, policies etc. for rural/urban areas and giving individual police officers and PCSOs up-to-date information. This project is called “Big Data”

By having this information, the police can use resources more efficiently by focusing on areas where incidents and crimes have been reported and reducing the patrols in areas that have not had any. Because of this approach we strongly advise residents to report any incidents or crimes they are aware of, even if they don’t expect the police to take action on that particular incident. If you report an incident or crime, please make sure you get an incident or crime number as this is what they base the big data evidence on. If no incidents are reported we will not have fewer patrols in Fairlight.


New CCTV cameras have been installed at the end of Waites Lane. These will give clearer pictures for the police to be able to identify images. The images are only available to the police. However, once the update is complete the cameras may be able to identify individuals leaving the village as well as car number plate recognition, this will be of particular benefit for any individuals who have become confused and wandered. If you are concerned about a friend or relative who may have wandered off you need in the first instance to contact the police, they will then be able to access the images to see if that individual has left or entered Fairlight Cove.

Planning Appeal – Wakehams Farm – Pett Level Road

Anyone who originally made a comment on the planning application will have received an email asking if they wish to make any further comments. The Parish Council is considering whether they have any further valid comments to add as the inspector will have access to all the existing documents. If anyone wishes to make any further comments there is a link on the Parish Council website under planning.

Village Caretaker

Our new caretaker for has started on 1st March, he will be checking and tidying Wood Field and the play equipment regularly as well as keeping the bus stops clean and the notice boards up to date.

Sustainable Fairlight Event

A date for your diary April 23rd from 2pm. The Parish Council will be holding an event in the Village Hall on the theme of Sustainable Fairlight. Come along for a chat, ideas or to meet the Parish Councillors. Refreshments will be provided.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


Wood Field Recreation Ground

Firstly, thank you to all those volunteers who came to help plant the whips on Wood Field. For those who missed this chance, don’t worry there will be plenty more opportunities to help. We have more whips ordered for early March to plant along the hedge line behind the Activate club hut. Look out for publicity about these events.

Channel Way Verge

The Parish Council has carried out the annual flaying on Channel Way. The cliff tops on Channel Way are designated a SSSI area and the Council have a licence to flay a 2-metre-wide strip once a year to prevent encroachment of the undergrowth onto the road way. In the past this happened and caused large vehicles to veer onto the grass verges on the householder’s side of the road. No other cutting back is permitted without a further licence. Please could homeowners on Channel Way make sure they do not place rocks or other debris in the 2m strip as it damages the flaying equipment.

Budget and Precept 2022/23

The budget for 2022/23 has been agreed and is available to view on the Parish Council website. The precept of £70,000 has been requested from Rother District Council for the next financial year. This is a modest increase to continue to improve and replace assets within the village.

Grants 2022/23

The Parish Council’s annual grant scheme has opened. The application form and criteria are on the Parish Council website or from the Parish Clerk. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 1st March.


Speedwatch continues to operate in the village at designated points and provide a useful reminder to drivers of the speed limits. The group would welcome new volunteers with a little time to spend to help to monitor the local roads.

Knowle Wood

Following discussion, the Parish Council will be contracting an ecologist to carry out a bat survey on the trees in Knowle Wood that have been identified as needing attention. This survey is important to avoid disturbing bats that frequent the woods. However, this may delay the tree work until the early autumn.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Events

The Parish Council is working together with the Fairlight Residents Association and St Andrews Church to coordinate Jubilee events in Fairlight and avoid clashes. If you are planning an event, please let Issy Horsley know.

There are several fun, village happenings planned including a lunch and cream tea, Fairfest weekend, scarecrows, a knitting bomb (crowns etc. to decorate bollards and gate posts), jubilee themed tubs and front gardens (red, white and blue flowers), house and gardens decoration with flags, bunting and other regalia. Also, a special church service at St Andrews Church. For more details look out for “Fairlight Jubilee Fun” posters.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email: 


Happy New Year toyou all.

Let’s hope that, with a bit of patience, we can soon start meeting together again.

Christmas lights competition winners

The lights in Fairlight were splendid this year. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it all very festive.

The winners are; First place: Geoff and Annette Holmes

Second place: Pauline and Melvyn Johnson

Parish Council
Meeting – Tuesday 25th January 2022

This meeting will include setting the Parish Council’s budget for 2022/23. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Please bring a mask with you to protect yourself and others.

Hedge planting –
Wood Field Recreation Ground

The Parish Council are hoping to take delivery of the 300 whips for a new hedge at the Commanders Walk end of Wood Field in the next few weeks. Parish Councillors will be arranging a planting session once the date of the arrival of the whips is known. Again, we would welcome anyone, of all age groups, who would like to help, either with the planting and securing of the whips, with refreshments/cake, or moral support and taking photos. The final tidy up of the area is planned for Sunday 8th January starting at 10am and the planting of the whips to start
on Saturday 15th January at 10am. (Weather permitting)

Sewerage in Fairlight

The Parish Council has been working with LWLRMA (Lower Waites Lane Road Maintenance Association) to try to reiterate with Southern Water the sewerage issues that Fairlight has in several areas. LWLRMA has made progress with Southern Water, who are now investigating the possibility of increasing the size of the attenuation tanks at the top of Lower Waites Lane. This would mean in times of high rainfall

the pressure on the LWL sewer system will be eased. Southern Water has also been persuaded to consider replacing the sewerage pipes in
Lower Waites Lane. We await the outcome of this. The Parish Council has also been corresponding with Ms Sally-Ann Hart, our local MP. She

is now aware of all of our issues and concerns. Ms Hart holds regular meetings with officials from Southern Water to discuss other local
villages who also have difficulties with sewerage and foul water. Fairlight’s problems will now be included in these conversations.

In addition, the Parish Council will continue to work with local agencies to monitor the situation.

In recent weeks Southern Water have been in Fairlight Cove looking for mains water leaks. One leak was located and repaired on Rockmead Road in the sensitive area near the cliff.

Local Clubs and Organisations

Just a reminder to all local clubs and organisations that facilities are still available through the Parish Council Clerk to hold Zoom meetings. (Contact details below). Also, please use the Community Website to advertise your meetings, events etc.

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


Christmas lights and windows

The Fairlight Christmas Lights competition is getting under way and anyone may partake either by putting up lights visible from the road or enjoying a social walk round the neighbourhood viewing the magnificent displays. The displays will be judged in the week before Christmas and the first and second placed households will receive a cheque for their favourite charity.

Fairlight Fun is also asking residents to decorate their windows with a Christmas theme.

Urban verge cutting

After a public consultation, both online and via communication with the Parish Clerk, the voting results were as follows – for two cuts per year – 60% and for 6 cuts per year – 38% (94 people voted). Discussions were also held at the Parish Council meeting and it was decided that for next year to request East Sussex County Council to provide two cuts of the verges throughout the season. In 2022 Parish Councillors will be investigating and taking advice on sustainable verges.


The budget for 2022/23 is almost finalised. There will have to be a small increase in the precept due to additional costs and activities. If you have any comments about the budget or suggestions for new infrastructure in Fairlight, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Grit Bins

There are grit bins around the village for the use of residents to treat icy patches on the road/pavement. If these bins become empty or you are aware of other potentially icy patches, please contact the Parish Clerk who has plenty of spare bags of rock salt. For those roads where a grit bin is not available, bags of rock salt can be collected/delivered on request from the Parish Clerk.

Village events for 2022

The Parish Council are planning to have some events in the Village Hall next year. These will, hopefully include, Sustainable Fairlight and the Parish Assembly. If anyone has any suggestions for topics that would be of interest to resident’s please contact Pauline Collins Parish Clerk/RFO.

Parish Council Meeting

There is no Parish Council meeting in December, so can I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and let’s hope for a good New Year (Covid notwithstanding). The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 25th January 2022. All members of the public are welcome.

Community Website

With Christmas fast approaching can I remind everyone to email in their news items/diary dates/events/posters etc. for the Fairlight Community website ( to the Carol Sharpe, Webmaster at

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


Grass Verges

year the Parish Council has to decide the number of times they wish
East Sussex County Council to cut the roadside verges within the
village during the year.

options are:

  1. To
    have two cuts per year free of charge.


  1. To
    have four extra cuts (total 6 per year) at a cost of £1502 for

order to help the Parish Council, make an informed decision, the
Council have set up a poll on the Parish Council Facebook page.
Alternative ways to vote are the contact form on the Parish Council
Website or email the Clerk on
or a note to the Clerk at the address below. Please have your say.

Waites Lane Sewerage/Flooding

of the Parish Council had a fruitful meeting with LWLRMA to discuss
the issues of the sewer that runs down Lower Waites Lane. Whilst
LWLRMA are in contact with Southern Water to try to find a resolution
to this, the Parish Council is writing to our MP in an attempt to
gain her support. Councillors and the LWLRMA will be continuing to
work together to highlight this problem and the need to ensure that
the Market Garden site development doesn’t add to it. The Parish
Council will also persist to emphasize other sewer problems within
the village and in Stream Lane.


Parish Council have been awarded a discretionary disabled grant by
Rother District Council to create a wider entrance and a path to the
old tarmacked cricket practice square at the top of Wood Field. This
will offer better access to the Field and the seating area. Also, to
provide another disabled access bench. Work on this will commence in
the spring.

new grit bin has been installed at the bottom of the twittern from
Woodland Way to Knowle Wood.

any extra salt is needed for any of the grit bins in the village
during the winter, please contact Pauline Collins who has further

Platinum Jubilee – June 2022

any groups are planning events for the Queens Jubilee, could they let
Pauline Collins know so clashes can be avoided. Fairfest has already
started organising a Jubilee Jamboree on Saturday evening – June 4th,
and the village festival on Sunday June 5th. The Beacon will be lit
on Thursday June 2nd and there will also be a village scarecrow


the success of the cones at the end of Broadway in deterring
thoughtless parking, the Parish Council has purchased some parking
cones. If you are aware of problematic parking, please contact the
Parish Council.


would like to remind residents that they can report habitual speeding
issues via Operation Crackdown


Christmas fast approaching can I remind everyone to email in their
news items/diary dates/events/posters etc. to the Webmmaster
the Fairlight Community website. –

Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


a lively Parish Council meeting, Councillors are now implementing the
decisions made.


Faircomm Steering Group has agreed to appoint an architect to draw up
plans for the new building prior to submitting them for planning
consent. In the meantime, the appropriate surveys needed for planning
consent will be carried out.


Parish Council will be preparing a draft budget for the next
financial year (1
April 2022 to 31
March 2023) in order to be able to decide whether the precept needs
to be increased. If anyone has any projects that they think the
Parish Council could implement, please contact Pauline Collins –
Parish Clerk with the details


Parish Council supports the “Fairlight Dog Poo” group whose goal
is to reduce the amount of dog fouling around the village. To help
maintain a clean and dog waste free recreation ground the Parish
Council are investing in three dog waste bag dispensers on Wood
Field. Please could I remind you that there are several dog waste
bins both on Wood Field and around the village for deposits. Also,
dog waste bags can be placed in regular litter bins around the
village for disposal – But not in ones on Wood Field.


grant application for funding of a new hedge at the top of Wood Field
has been submitted. Once this has been approved, the Parish Council
will need help to plant the new hedge and to maintain it until the
plants are well established. It is proposed to develop a volunteer
group that would be able to provide regular help with this and some
of the other projects on Wood Field and Knowle Wood. If you are
interested, please contact Pauline Collins – Parish Clerk.

Parish Council has some ideas for possible activities on Wood Field
and are hoping to find individuals who are interested in partaking of
these, or who have ideas for other suitable activities.

we are investigating the possibility of walking football. Walking
football can be enjoyed by people of all ages, sexes and abilities,
from those who have never previously played football to people who
have participated before in organised football matches. As the name
suggests it is carried out at a walking pace and is a non-contact
sport with no heading of the ball. The size of the teams can vary
depending on the number of participants

suggestion for next summer is the possibility of holding a Fairlight
10K run with the option of a shorter run for the children. If anyone
is interested in either of these, please contact Cllr Steve Stewart

Platinum Jubilee 2022

is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 and the Parish Council
would like ideas and suggestions so the residents and village can
celebrate this great event. This will be discussed at the next Parish
Council meeting. Any thoughts can be passed on to Pauline Collins –
Parish Clerk

Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:


This month’s newsletter is written by the Vice Chair as the Chair “Issy Horsley” has been unwell for some time. We wish the Chair well and for a speedy recovery.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project – Volunteers

The next session on Wood field for volunteers will be Tuesday 7th September 2021 from 10.00 – 2.00. Anybody who would like to come along will be made very welcome, as many hands make light work. There is plenty to do as there will be a skip arriving on Monday 6th September to take all the branches and loose leaves away. If you would like to help then please bring some secateurs or a rake along. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Feedback from the Parish Assembly

Many thanks to all the visitors who dropped in to the Parish Assembly on the 14thAugust to meet the new councillors and ask questions. There were not as many as the last Parish Assembly but then we were still in a state of semi lockdown. The Chair opened the Assembly with the statement “What does the Parish Council do for me”? and explained what the PC does. Many questions were asked of the tasks that were being undertaken and of those on display. Namely the new Village Sign, Community Hub, Website and War Memorial Group activities. Themes for next year are already being proposed.

Marsham Older People’s Project (MOPP)

MOPP has asked if there are any residents that would like to be a Trustee of MOPP. If you would like to be considered for this role please contact Annette Holmes – Coordinator. ( for more information.

Dog Waste

A group of Fairlight residents are looking at what can be done to improve the dog fouling situation in the village. This issue has increased somewhat on our roads and Wood Field. The Land Management Group is planning to meet with the coordinators of this group to discuss possible solutions.

Bartering System

It has been noted that there is a good bartering system going on in the village; more so since we have all been aware of Covid restrictions. Villagers are offering home grown vegetables in exchange for other items of home grown produce, although it has also been noticed that it has been a poor season! This all adds to the fact that we have a concerned and sharing community that cares about others. Well done to all those who have taken part in the bartering system and long may it continue.

John Lutman award.

This year’s award goes to Bill O’Reilly who has stepped down as Webmaster of the Fairlight Community website after doing the job for
many years. Councillors would like to thank him for the hard work he has put into maintaining the website. 

War Memorial Group

The group is finalising the supplier of the stone. A public appeal, to help fund the project, will start soon.

Parkhurst Cricket Club

Unfortunately, the cricket club has been wound up. Several factors have contributed to the club’s closure. It has been a pleasure to watch the home games on Wood Field and the Parish Council wish all the players the best for the future.

Steve Stewart, Vice Chair of Fairlight Parish Council                Email:


Clubs and organisations

As we continue to gradually open up again clubs and activities are restarting and the social life of the village is resuming. Thanks go to those involved in the various events that have already taken place.

MOPPs has reopened with coffee morning and afternoon tea sessions on Fridays if you would like to join or volunteer, please contact Annette Holmes – Co-ordinator. (

Picnic and Proms event

The Picnic and Proms benefitted from an unexpected window of good weather. About 300 people enjoyed the music of Steve Sinatra and the Kytes with a chance to see many friends within the wide space of Wood Field. A collection raised £450, which will go to the Conquest Hospital for staff support and Fairfest 2022.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project – Volunteers

The next session of the Wood Field Rejuvenation Project is on Monday 9th August from 10am to 2pm. Anyone is welcome to come along to help in any way you can, either with digging, chopping, and clearing or making tea and coffee, or just moral support and a chat. Please bring your own gloves and any tools that might be useful.

Annual Parish Assembly

The annual Parish Assembly will be held on Saturday 14th August between 2-5pm. Do come along to see what the Parish Council is planning to do in the next year, to meet our new parish Councillors, to ask any questions about the Parish Council, and to meet and have a chat with other residents. Refreshments and cakes will be provided.

New co-opted Parish Councillor

Councillors would like to welcome Deborah Martin who has been co-opted as a member of the Parish Council and to thank her for joining us in our work to maintain and improve the village.

Debs is a proud Mancunian who moved to Fairlight with her husband Tim just before the first lockdown to be nearer their daughters and grand child who live in south London. Now that things are opening up, she is looking forward to finally being able to explore the area.

Hastings Borough Council Bale House Visitors Centre

The Bale House Visitors Centre on the Firehills has now opened. At present it is open daily 9am to 5pm, with no immediate plans to extend this. The building is interesting and contains a cafe and space for information about the Country Park and its surroundings.

Parish Councillors have met with representatives of Hastings Borough Council and Groundworks, the company that will run the Bale house, to discuss how the new building will be utilised and to represent the views of residents. It is hoped that a dialogue with Groundworks will be established as this project continues.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:

JULY 2021

Annual Parish Assembly

Covid restrictions permitting the Parish Council are planning to hold the annual Parish Assembly in mid-August. All residents are welcome to attend and light refreshments will be offered.

At the Parish Assembly the John Lutman award will be presented to a resident of the village who has significantly contributed to village life in the last year. Nominations for this award will be welcomed from anyone residents in the village the form can be obtained from the Parish Council website or from the Parish Clerk.

There will also be displays of various projects ongoing within the village. Feedback from residents on the proposals for these projects is welcome so that FPC are able to make informed decisions and move forward with them.

Fairlight fun

The penultimate event of Fairlight Fun will be the picnic and prom on Wood Field on Saturday 24th July at 6pm. The Kytes will be playing live. Attendees to this event are asked to bring their own picnic, drink, seating etc. It is hoped that residents and their friends will feel able to come and join us in an opportunity to get together again after the last 15 months. This event is free but a donation would be appreciated. Due to the limited parking space on the Wood Field, it is asked that those who are able to walk to the event, do.

The final event will be the sunflower competition and will be judged in early September by which time (hopefully) everybody’s sunflowers will have grown to great heights and produced a good seed heads for the birds.

Wood Field Recreation Ground

Many thanks to everybody who joined Councillors in the clearing of the hedge/brambles on Wood Field and contributed cakes, which were much appreciated. Funding to plant a bird friendly hedge along the boundary is being sought and is expected to be planted in November/December. So don’t put your tools and wellies away after the summer as help will be needed to plant the saplings.

Fairlight Community Website

Bill O’Reilly has stepped down as Webmaster of the Fairlight Community website after doing the job for a number of years. Councillors would like to thank him for the hard work he has put into maintaining the website.

The Community website will continue and Carol Sharpe will take over the role as Webmaster and will retain the old email address. The Parish Council will continue to fund this website, which will remain a separate website for village activities and events.


The Parish Council has decided that it would be a good idea if Fairlight village had a good quality large barbecue. A quote for a barbecue similar to the one being used by the Pett Level Rescue Boat has been sought. The Parish Council will be looking to village groups for possible donations towards the cost of this. Once purchased the barbecue will be available for hire at a reasonable rate to village groups and residents.

Hedges and trees

Could I remind house holders to check that their hedges and trees have not gone rampant and encroaching on the footpaths, or line of sight on the road. If you are cutting hedges back, please be mindful of nesting birds

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:  

 JUNE 2021

Sunshine after the rain

Following a cold and wet May, normal summer weather has been restored. Hopefully this will be accompanied by the opportunity to get out and about and meet people. Please be aware of the existing and future Covid-19 guidelines on social distancing and numbers for meetings.

Wood Field Rejuvenation Project

The Parish Council is looking to improve and rejuvenate Wood Field Recreation Ground and would like to get volunteers to help with this. The first volunteer’s day has been organised on Monday 7th June from 10am till 2pm to start this process. The project is proposed to start at the top of Wood Field (parallel with Commanders Walk). This will involve the removal of brambles, dead wood and the cutting back of existing small trees and shrubs. In addition, it is planned to create a wildlife area in the corner which means removing unwanted weeds and digging over the area. Anyone who would like to join in either in an active or a more passive role is welcome to come up to Wood Field and take part.

Tea, coffee and cake (donations welcome) will be provided. If you are willing to help with the work please come appropriately dressed with boots, gloves and any tools/equipment that you think might be helpful. You do not have to participate for the whole of the session but are welcome to come and do a little bit and enjoy some tea, company and the great outdoors.


The Faircomm Hub steering group is continuing to progress and are now putting out tenders for an architect to draw up detailed plans of the proposed building. Small fundraising events will be starting soon. Initially it is hoped to open the existing Activate hut for teas and coffee at certain times throughout the summer. Watch out for further information on the Parish Council website and notices around the village.

Parish Councillor Casual Vacancy

The Parish Council is looking to co-opt to the vacancy of parish councillor. As you will know from the newsletters the Parish Council is responsible for various areas in the village and would welcome applications from anyone who would like to be a part of the Parish Council working with Councillors to improve the village for all its residents and visitors. If you would like to apply, please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Website Calendar

The Parish Council website now has a calendar upon which events happening on Wood Field as well as other events involving the Parish Council can be viewed. The Parish Council are hoping to extend this so that other groups/organisations can advertise their planned events on the calendar and provide one unified calendar for the village.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   

APRIL 2021

Fairlight Fun moves on into spring. 

The scarecrow event is going well with a lot of imaginative scarecrows springing up around the village. For those who are unable to get round to see them we will be putting photographs on the Parish Council website in the next week.


Sunflower seeds are available from outside 35 Waites Lane. There will be two seeds in each packet and we invite people of all ages to plant them and see who can grow the tallest sunflower or one with the biggest seed-head.


In the meantime, if you are planting seedlings or taking cuttings please add a few extra for when we do the seedling exchange.


There will be a scavenger hunt on Saturday 17th April in the afternoon. Details can be found on the Parish Council website or on posters around the village. You need to register in advance and further details will be sent to you. Each group will also need a mascot and a mobile phone.



It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that in some parts of the village, cars are parking on bends and near junctions. We appreciate that during lockdown there are more cars parked in the village than usual, but can we remind people to be aware of other road users when parking their cars.



There have been some concerns about dog-napping. Councillors have discussed this with one of the local PCSOs and if you see any activity which appears suspicious you should report it to the police. Please keep your dogs within your sight and be wary of strangers who appear to be taking an interest in your dogs.


War Memorial Group

At the Parish Council meeting in March, a report was received from the War Memorial Group. This group is working towards placing a stone war memorial at St Andrews Church on Coastguards Lane It will be engraved with the names of all residents of Fairlight who died during the two world wars, both military and civilian. Once we are able to meet again the group will be holding an exhibition about this.


Faircomm Steering Group

The Parish Council has also given approval for the Faircomm Steering Group to commission an architect to draw up a detailed plan for the new community hub in preparation for applying for planning permission. An event showing plans and more details will occur later in the year.


Keep Fairlight Tidy

Finally, could we ask when you are out and about enjoying the spring, to consider taking a plastic bag/gloves to pick up one or two items of litter and put them in the bins. This will help to keep the village tidy and discourage further littering.



Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   


MARCH 2021

Covid 19

The weather is
improving and many residents of Fairlight have now received their
first Covid vaccination. The news about Covid is positive, but we
need to remain vigilant and continue in lockdown for the next few
weeks in order to be able to start to meet together again.


Census 2021

The national census
will be happening on Sunday 21st March. This will be predominantly an
online census but a paper copy can be requested. You will be sent a
letter with details and an access code to complete the census online.
The census form must be completed. It is an offence to supply false
information or to not complete the census, and you could be fined up
to £1,000. Some questions are clearly labelled as voluntary. It is
not an offence if you do not answer these.



Despite the good
news about Covid, and with East Sussex County Council and Police and
Crime Commissioner elections happening on Thursday 6th May. Can we
remind people that they may wish to arrange for a postal vote. To
register go to the Rother District Council website and search “postal
voting”. (Link to RDC website – ).


And now for village

You may have noticed
that the Parish Council has purchased two moveable display boards
currently one is visible on Waites Lane and the other one is outside
the Village Hall where the prescription queue forms. It is hoped that
these boards will help to keep people informed of events if they are
unable to access the internet.


Fairlight Fun;

Fairlight Fred, our
gnome with no home has recently been seen in various gardens around
the village. When out on your walks have a look and see if you can
find him.


Comic Relief is
running a poster joke event and we encourage Fairlighters to join in.
You can download a poster from the internet or simply write your joke
on a piece of A4 and display it in the window. If you don’t have a
window, put it through the letterbox of Hairbase on Waites Lane and
it will be displayed in their window.


FPC are hoping to
run a seedling exchange later in the spring. If you are planting
seeds at the moment it would be great if you could consider planting
a few extra that could be shared later on. Also, we are going to
organise a sunflower growing event. Sunflower seeds will be available
soon so keep a lookout for posters advertising where to collect them


An Easter scarecrow
event is going to happen quite soon. The theme is Easter and
springtime and anyone who wants to create a scarecrow can take part.
Scarecrows can be displayed in your own gardens, on Wood Field, on a
bench or in a bus shelter within the village. Again, please look for
posters with more information.


Advance notice of a
scavenger hunt which is taking place on Saturday 17th April in the
afternoon This will take place within family groups or social bubbles
as allowed at the time. Details will be circulated in April


Now that spring is
here, we are inviting photographers to take pictures on the theme of
new shoots. A selection will appear on the Parish Council’s website
(with permission).


Finally, FPC would
like to thank Bob and Dec for trying to organise a zoom village quiz
which unfortunately due to our broadband in the village was not able
to take place.


Isobel Horsley –
Chair of Fairlight Parish Council Email:   



Covid 19 Vaccinations

Many people over 80 years of age in Fairlight have now received the first dose of vaccination and those in the next groups are now being called in for vaccination. It is still hoped that all the top four at risk groups will have been offered vaccination by mid-February. Please continue to remain patient until you receive your invitation for a vaccination.

Wheelchair for the Village Hall

It was brought to the Parish Council’s attention that some individuals were having trouble accessing the village hall and the doctor’s surgery from Fairlight Village Hall car park. The Parish Council therefore decided to purchase a folding wheelchair for use in and around the village hall. It is currently stored in the waiting room of the surgery and will be available to anyone using the village hall or the surgery who needs a wheelchair for access.

Parish Council Community Grant Scheme 2021/22

A reminder that the Community Grant Scheme is now open. Any group that wishes to apply for a grant from Fairlight Parish Council can download an application form from the Parish Council website or obtain it from Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk. The closing date for applications is 1st March and grants are paid in April.

Fairlight Fun

The Parish Council has been coordinating a small group of people trying to arrange fun events and activities in Fairlight during this time of lockdown and beyond into the summer. We will be publishing details of the events as they come up but rest assured, we’ve got some really fun ideas.

The first event will be ‘Fairlight feels the love”. We are asking people to put a display/posters in their windows or front gardens over the week of Valentine’s Day in thanks to people who have helped keep them safe and supplied in the last year. For example, postmen, bin men, delivery drivers from supermarkets, delivery drivers from online firms, electricians, builders, and many more. If you are walking round the village in the week around Valentine’s Day please look out for these windows.

Parish Council Budget for 2021/22

The Parish Council resolved at the Full Council meeting held on 26th January 2021 to freeze the budget for 2021/22 to £63,000. This will mean that residents will not incur any increase in their Council Tax to fund the Parish Council.

Current reserves have been maintained at a sufficient level and any monies which had been allocated in 2020/21 for projects but have not been spent has been carried forward and earmarked in 2021/22 for these schemes.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

On a slightly more mundane note. Fairlight Parish Council have been in discussion with our local councillors and MP about pollution from the sewage outflow from the sewage treatment plant on Pett Level Road. Thanks to Sally- Ann Hart’s intervention, Southern Water has now agreed to put in a continuous monitoring station just below the outflow from the sewage treatment plant.

Resignation of a Parish Councillor

Finally, farewell to Councillor Slack who resigned in January. The Parish Council would like to thank Councillor Slack for all her hard work with the new website and actions on Wood Field and in Knowle Wood.

Isobel Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council



 A very Happy New Year to you all from the Parish Council and let us hope 2021 proves to be less testing than 2020.

Covid 19 Lockdown – Tier 4

Rother District Council area which includes Fairlight are currently in Tier 4. Can I just remind everyone to follow the government guidelines particularly with regard to staying home, not meeting people indoors unless you live with them or they are part of your support bubble, only meeting with one other person outside, masks, social distancing, and hand sanitising. COVID-19 is certainly around in the neighbourhood and everyone needs to be especially vigilant at the moment.

Christmas Light Competition

The winners of the Christmas lights competition were first place, Springerstoo, Lower Waites Lane and second place to Tamarisk, Hill Road. Congratulations to everyone who illuminated our village over Christmas. We would also like to thank Wendy Hatch and those who decorated their windows with Christmas carol scenes. It was much appreciated by many people.

Cold weather and Grit bins

Now the weather is turning cold and frosty the Parish Council would like to remind you that there are grit bins around the village containing rock salt which is for use on the roads or public pavements only, not for driveways. If anyone needs a further supply of rock salt to put on the roads please contact the Parish Clerk who has spare bags that can be collected.

Parish Council Community Grant Scheme 2021/22

Looking forward and mindful that quite a few of the village groups were unable to fundraise last year I would like to launch the Parish Council’s Community Grants Scheme for 2021/22. Application forms can be obtained from the Parish Council website or the Parish Clerk. The criteria and forms have been modified so please download a new application form. The closing date for applications will be Monday 1st March 2021.

Local Sewage Treatment Plant

As many of you will know the Parish Council has been concerned about the local sewage treatment plant and it’s effluent. We had a useful meeting with Ms Sally-Ann Hart, our MP in the autumn. Ms Hart will be speaking in a House of Commons debate on the ‘Sewage (inland waters) Bill’ second reading on January 15th. Many thanks also to Simon Young for his very informative data from the surveys that he has done over the years.

Parish Council Budget for 2021/22

The January Parish Council meeting will be setting the budget for next year and I would advise anyone who is interested to have a look at the papers attached to the agenda when it comes out in the middle of the month.

Future Covid safe events for 2021

Although we now have a Covid-19 vaccine it is going to be some considerable time before groups and societies are able to meet face-to-face and whilst we remain in Tier 4, I am aware that people may be finding they have a lot of spare time on their hands. I would like to try and convene a zoom group of interested individuals and representatives from groups and societies to coordinate ideas for activities and displays that can be put on in the village during the early months of 2021. This might include planning further displays in people’s windows, possibly a scarecrow competition or anything else that people have ideas about. If you are interested please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk and we will organise a zoom meeting to try and get activities going in a socially distanced Tier 4 way.

Isobel Horsley – Chair Fairlight Parish Council

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