Annual Community Grants 2023/4


Jubilee plants on offer  
 Fairlight Village hall Sunday May 15th 10.30 – 12 noon

The FRA has kindly donated  plants and seeds to decorate the village for the Jubilee.
Kerry Gentleman and the Fairlight Open Gardens group have been growing these on and they are now ready for planting out in your front gardens and pots.
The group will be at the village hall on Sunday 15 May from 10.30 til 12 noon.
There will be no charge for the plants, although a donation to fairest would be appreciated.
All we ask is the you plant them where they can be seen and enjoyed.
They have over 300 plants so there are plenty to go round.

A big thank you to all who have been involved with this since the cold days of early spring.


Dear Tree Warden,

just to let you know that we are currently undertaking a network survey of all the U roads in the county. You may therefore notice some spray painted dots on trees in you parish, the colour of the dots do not denote anything different, it simply depends on what colour is in stock. The dots signify that a safety defect has been spotted and that remedial works have been recommended for the tree. This maybe that the entire tree requires felling, having dead wood removed or could be simply to monitor the tree further. Both private and ESCC trees are being surveyed. If a private tree is marked, we will notify the land owner and make them aware of the works that are necessary on the marked tree(s), however, we will also suggest that they have the rest of their trees adjacent to the highway privately assessed for other issues. If the trees are owned by ESCC they will be entered into a works programme. We cannot specify what works are required on individual trees as to do so would take up a lot of time, so please pass on the information above if anyone asks about tree marking or felling within your area. If the owner of the tree contacts your parish council instead of us directly, please inform them that they will be written to by ESCC with instructions, and that until they receive a letter, there may not be the information available to pass to them. The survey results are sent in monthly, so information on trees surveyed and marked may not yet be on our database at the time of the enquiry.

We will aim to carry out works within the time frame given by the surveyor, which may include traffic management such as traffic lights or possibly road closures. We will always aim to minimise disruption to road users where we can do so safely and efficiently. Trees that are felled will only be felled if a high risk is associated with the fault detected, the risk can be increased by the level of occupancy of the road. Trees will not be felled if they are healthy or showing no significant faults, we will always leave what we can and carry out other remedial works such as thinning or reducing if it prolongs the tree’s life in a cost effective way. However, we may have to remove healthy trees if leaving them increases a risk of them being subject to windthrow/exposure. This does happen, especially with groups of ash which are generally shallow rooted and tend to grow very tall very quickly due to density.

We will be aiming to survey sections of the network annually, i.e. urban trees, A roads, B roads, C roads and U roads to ensure that they are resurveyed a minimum of every five years.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.

Kind regards


Anthony Becvar

Tree Health Officer | Communities, Economy & Transport | East Sussex Highways

Tel: 01273 335087 | Mob: 07557 541801 | Email: –

August 2021

Pauline Collins receiving her CILCA certificate from Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council.

Pauline Collins , our Parish Clerk has remained busy during lockdown. Not only did she coordinate the Fairlight volunteer scheme and apply for a grant to fund it and other activities during lockdown; but she also completed her Certificate in local council administration (CILCA) qualification with distinction. This is a NVQ level 3 qualification and means she is fully qualified as a clerk and able to provide the parish council with the relevant advice and information as needed. It involved a lot of work which has to be fitted in in addition to her usual involvement with the Parish Council.


I would like, on behalf of the parish council and all residents, to thank her for her hard work and personally to thank her for her support. Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council. 


Information from Strandliners regarding volunteers.

It will be starting Saturday 1st May and ending with the Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat bringing the rubbish around the headland on
Sunday 9th May.
If anyone wishes to participate, the sessions available so far are…
Saturday 1st, 9am to 12 noon
Sunday 2nd, 9am to 12noon
Tuesday 4th, 10.30am to 1.30pm
Thursday 6th, 1.30pm to 4.30pm
Sunday 9th, 10am to 1pm helping with the stand & collecting rubbish from the boat, and maybe Monday 3rd, 9am to 12noon if we find there’s a huge amount and more hands are needed.
If interested please go to and subscribe to the news sheet (anyone can unsubscribe at any time) as these events are not open to the public, just Strandliners volunteers.
The sessions will involve walking up to 45 minutes on sand & shingle, in rock pools, over boulders to get to the area. We will then clear and sort into polystyrene, bottles, and other rubbish. Hi-Viz and hard hats are necessary (we have some but please say if you need). Please also wear sturdy footwear, bring gloves, litter picker (we have some), a drink/snack and be prepared for any weather!
And please come to visit on Sunday 9th at Pett Level to welcome the PLIRB bringing the bagged rubbish back. Strandliners will have a stand and I look forward to catching up with everyone.

03/04/2021 Remember to fill in your census this Easter.

There has been a great response to Census 2021, but to avoid getting a knock at the door from a field officer – get on and fill in your census this Easter weekend. 

Millions of households across England and Wales have already made sure they count when it comes to planning and provision of the key services we all rely upon, like GP surgeries, school places and hospital beds, by filling out their online census form. 

However, it is vital everyone who hasn’t yet responded does so as soon as possible now Census Day, March 21, has been and gone. 

Field officers are already out and about and will visit households who have not submitted their census this Easter weekend. The operation will reach its peak next week so more officers will be knocking at doors where our records show there has been no response. 

“Census 2021 has gone brilliantly so far,” Office for National Statistics director of operations Pete Benton said. “The overwhelming majority of people across England and Wales have already taken part and we’ve heard some great stories: from those completing their 10th census to those completing their first. 

“But, for us to have the most accurate picture of the whole population, we need everyone to fill in their questionnaire. By doing so you will be helping shape the local services in your community – the bus routes, school places, the hospital beds. You can do it easily online, but for those who want help, we have a range of census support centres open across England and Wales, and paper forms are available for those who need them. 

“Everyone is required by law to respond to the census and if you do so now you won’t be fined.” 

The census questionnaire is simple, straightforward, and safe to complete online. It only takes 10 minutes per person in a household. 

The role of field officers is to give help and encouragement to those who have not yet filled in their census questionnaire online or on paper after Census Day and direct them to the support services they need. 

Field staff will never need to enter people’s houses; they will always be socially distanced, be equipped with PPE and work in line with all government guidance. 

They will be operating in the same way as a postal or food delivery visit. They also carry ID to show they are genuinely working on the census.

The census is a unique survey of all households in England and Wales. To be truly representative, it needs everyone to be counted. 

“That includes people with second homes,” Benton said. “If you’ve not been to your caravan, holiday let or city commuter pad because of lockdown, you still need to complete a census for all your properties – even if there’s no-one there – so that we get an accurate picture of the entire housing stock. 

“And if you’ve moved out of a home in London or another city and into a second home in a more rural location during the pandemic, you need to complete a census for both properties. 

“All students need to be included in the census too. They should complete it for their usual term-time address. If they’re currently living at their home address, they will need to be included in the census for that household too.” 

All households will have been sent a letter in the post in early March with instructions for taking part. If you have lost the letter or have a second address you have not visited, go to to request an online completion code for your address via SMS text message. You’ll find all the help you need online, or you can visit one of our local census support centres where you can get help to fill out your form. 

Website, webchat and guidance documents Census 2021

Telephone – 0800 141 2021 (general enquiries) / 0800 876 6276 (to request a paper copy)
Free Language Helpline – 0800 587 2021 (to make an appointment)
Census Support Centres – to find your nearest centre, 

NGT Text Support – (18001) 0800 141 2021

Find your nearest support centre: Find Your Nearest Census Support Centre

Harry Farmer

Census Engagement Manager – Rother, Hastings, Eastbourne & Wealden

Office for National Statistics
M. 07452 942 713

For questions or help with completion of your census form, and to keep in touch:
Census Freephone Contact Support Centre 0800 141 2021

22/02/2021  PCC launches Public Survey on dog thefts. Click here for survey. It will take you about 60 seconds to complete.

03/02/2021 Message from Sally-Ann Hart MP Vaccine Programme update 29.01.2021


Click Here for Newsletter for Local Authority Partners issue 13.


RDC notice for Notification of a casual Parish Councillor required in Fairlight. 


Click Here for a Sussex Police briefing note regarding the New Sussex enforcement unit that targets criminals using Sussex roads.


Not on Main Drainage?

Click Here for a Government leaflet offering advice to those not on mains drainage.


 Dear all,

I am writing to ask for help from you and your organisations in trying to generate ideas for activities and events that could take place in Fairlight over the next few months to help people cope with lockdown and the continued Covid restrictions.

The Parish Council would like to see events occurring in Fairlight on a fairly regular basis that can be done in a socially distanced or even locked down way.

A few suggestions have already come forward. These include a scarecrow competition which would probably happen around Easter and possibly, a bring your own picnic up on Woodfield in the summer with music provided by groups like the Kytes

We are also trying to formulate ideas for occasions where people could display things in their windows along the lines of the carol quiz that Wendy Hatch arranged over Christmas.

Some of these activities might be aimed at children and some at all ages, but hopefully it would involve everyone in the village who would like to take part.

I would be grateful if you could spread the word to members of your groups/clubs and if you have any ideas please pass them back to either myself or Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk.

I am not asking for anyone at the moment to be involved in a large amount of organisation but suggestions. I plan to hold a zoom session for anyone who is interested in about a week. This would allow those involved to bounce some ideas around and perhaps come up with a list which could then publicise and circulate round the village so that events could be held at three/four-week intervals giving everyone something to look forward too.

I await your responses with interest.

Many thanks

Issy Horsley

Chair – Fairlight Parish Council (


Fairlight Parish Council are seeking to contract a dedicated and responsible self-employed person or company to work under the guidance of the Parish Council to keep areas in the village clean and tidy.

The duties will involve
– cleaning the bus shelters and bus stops throughout the village
– emptying litter bins
– cleaning signage
– checking playground equipment etc

Hours will be 3 hours per week at a rate of £15 per hour.

The Parish Council will also consider an application for a contribution towards the cost of providing the appropriate public liability insurance.

The contract initially is for a period of two years with a possible extension subject to agreement by both parties.

For full details or further information please contact Mrs Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk or telephone 07487 822729

17 January 2021

From Sussex NHS Commissioners

Understanding Experiences of Cardiology and Ophthalmology Services in East Sussex.
We would like to inform you of an opportunity to take part in the first stage of transforming two NHS services in East Sussex; Acute Cardiology and Ophthalmology (eye care).

Understanding Experiences of Cardiology and Ophthalmology Services in East Sussex.

As part of the East Sussex Healthcare Trust’s (ESHT) new “Building for our Future” programme, Cardiology and Ophthalmology have been highlighted as facing significant challenges. In order to improve and transform services, we want to hear from patients, former patients and their carers to understand their experiences of the services and where they feel improvements can be made.


Please note, this does not include Ophthalmology services in the community, only services offered at Bexhill Hospital, Eastbourne District General Hospital and The Conquest Hospital.


We want to offer you the opportunity to get involved and support the development of possible solutions to some of the challenges that we face.


We would like to ask for your help to reach your members and service users. We would be delighted to attend any existing forums or meetings planned between now and 14th February 2021. We could also arrange focus groups or similar if there is enough interest.


We have co-designed a questionnaire for both services to enable patients and ex-patients of the services to share their experiences and offer potential ideas to support improvement to these services


Please click the relevant link. Cardiology   Ophthalmology


We would be pleased to send posters and paper questionnaires (we will quarantine materials for 3 days before sending) and can provide the questionnaire in community languages on request.


We would be grateful if you could identify any interested people from your organisation or members who we could interview by phone or video to talk about their experiences and ideas to help us develop a range of options. These interviews would last no longer than 50 minutes and we would be able to offer a form of reward and recognition for the participants time.


We would very much welcome your input, thoughts and views so all feedback will be very much welcome so we look forward to hearing from you.


For more details about our plans for Cardiology and Ophthalmology, please click the relevant link.


For further information about the Building for our futures programme please click the link.

6 January 2021



Please note that the Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting for the 12th January has been cancelled. 


Fairlight Parish Council is pleased to announce its Annual Community Grants Scheme is now open!

Each year the Council extends the opportunity to local community groups, charities or voluntary organisations to apply for a financial grant from the Parish Council.

The Grant Awarding Policy and applications forms are available to be downloaded from the Council’s website ( – under Document Library – Policies and Procedures Documents) or on request from the Parish Clerk.

Completed applications forms and supporting documents should be returned to Pauline Collins, Parish Clerk no later than Monday 1st March 2021.

If you require further information, then please contact Pauline Collins at the details below.

Kerri, 35 Waites Lane, Fairlight, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4AX

07487 822729





With the start of winter on Monday 21st December Fairlight Parish Council have ensured that their grit bins have been filled and a supply of rock salt has been purchased.


The locations of the Parish Council grit bins are:


Smugglers Way at the junction of Rockmead

Knowle Road at the junction of Waites Lane

Knowle Road at the junction of Woodland Way

Meadow Way at the junction of Waites lane

Meadow Way in the banjo

Commanders Walk at the junction of Gorsethorn Way

Lower Waites Lane near no 39

Lower Waites Lane at the junction of Broadway


Rock salt is also available for roads who do not have access to a grit bin by contacting the Parish Clerk by email – or telephone – 07487 822729. (Collection only service)


Thank you


Pauline Collins


Parish Clerk

Have Your Say on Sussex Policing By 10 January 2021

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne wants you to have your say on policing priorities to ensure your concerns are reflected in her revised Police and Crime Plan.

Mrs Bourne has launched two surveys that will supplement her #TalkSussex programme of virtual public consultations and meetings so that even more residents can have their say in the setting of next year’s policing budget.

PCC Bourne has been working closely with Sussex Police to plan for a range of potential post-Covid funding scenarios and how they might impact on existing plans.

The pandemic has meant hardship and heartache for many people and put public services under increased pressure, including our police. Mrs Bourne wants to hear what is important to residents to help inform her Police and Crime Plan and spending plans for the next four years. Have your say today by completing the short survey.

The PCC is also reaching out to younger residents with her ‘policing challenge game’, giving them the opportunity to tell her what policing priorities matter most to them by challenging them, in a fun game, to assign ‘priority tokens’ to the eight major strands of Sussex Police’s work in the community.

She says: “I want to ensure that all local communities are represented in my next Police & Crime Plan. In the past, we know that the majority of responses to our online polls are from residents aged 55 and over so I really want to hear from younger people as well. All views will be reflected in my decision-making and will help shape the future of Sussex Police. Make sure to have your say today.”

All data will be collated on 10th January and will also be used to inform PCC Bourne’s Police & Crime Plan for 2021/22.

You can access the survey and policing challenge game here.

Natalie McFall

Communications Manager

T: 01273 481561

M: 07710 120632

A: Sackville House, Brooks Close, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2FZ

East Sussex County Council

For information on the Coronavirus from East Sussex County Council Click Here

Rother District Council Budget 2021 Consultation

Rother District Council is consulting on your priorities and how they might have changed due to the pandemic. This consultation will help us set our budget for 2021 and will inform our medium-term financial strategy.

Please take part in our consultation by going to our website –

There is an online survey. However, longer or more detailed replies can be emailed to

This is a public consultation and open to everyone so please feel free to share this invitation. In addition to an official reply from your council, town and parish councillors and their families could take part as residents.

This consultation is open to 18 January 2021.

Sussex Flu Vaccination update November 2020 

December 2020 edition of the RVA Newsleter


For a limited time only we are offering half price garden waste collections for anyone who signs up and pays in full, between 16th November and 31st December 2020.

This offer is available to all NEW subscribers to the service meaning they will get a whole six months of garden waste collections for just £20 (normal cost £40). Their subscription will run until 14th July 2021.

Full details and  a link to subscribe will be on the website from Monday.


Here is the Rother Monthly Newsletter  Rother Monthly Newsletter

Notice of Completion of Audit Please Click Here to see Fairlight Parish Council’s Internal Audit and Governance Reports
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