We are fortunate to have available the different recreational opportunities that Wood Field provides, with wonderful views and no road frontage, ensuring safety and peacefulness. In addition, Wood Field leads directly into the seven acres of Knowle Wood.

On Wood Field you will find seating and picnic benches, a fenced children’s playground, a basketball practice area and the opportunity to walk your dog off leash, with dog poo bins provided. In addition, 

Rules for the use of Wood Field can be found here.

Booking Form for the use of Wood Field can be found here.

Visitors will also see a tennis court, however, this is a membership court run by the Fairlight Tennis Club, details can be found on the https://www.fairlight.org.uk

Wood Field Rejuvenation



Fairlight Parish Council’s Woodfield Rejuvenation Project to improve the recreation ground amenity for both residents and visitors got under way last weekend.

Following the successful application for a grant under the ‘ Close the Gap’ initiative from The Tree Council; Fairlight ‘Woodfarers ‘ group met to plant 300 whips to form a hedge on Woodfield, the recreation ground in Fairlight. The volunteers all live in the village and enjoyed the unseasonably mild sunny weather to finish the task in a morning!

The whips were ordered from local nursery, Hopes Grove near Tenterden. The hedge contains a mixture of shrubs and trees which will, as it grows, provide wildlife with shelter and food. The flowers and berries on the hedge will also enhance the boundary of the recreation ground.


This is the first phase of the Parish Council’s plan to improve the recreation ground. The next phase in March is to plant 450 whips to improve the hedge along the west boundary, when we hope for another fun morning and lots of volunteers.

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