Fairlight Parish Council present the John Lutman Award for Community Service in honour of the late John Lutman, a Parish Councillor for over thirty years and a past Chairman of Rother District Council. Anyone who has given community service in Fairlight is eligible to receive the award, with the exception of current Parish Councillors. The award is a shield which is held for a year by the recipient and a cheque for £150, payable to the good cause of the winner’s choice. This is presented at the Fairlight Annual Parish Assembly.

Nomination forms are available for download at the bottom of this web page or from the Parish Clerk. On the nomination form, you will be asked to give full details of why you think your nominee is deserving of this award. The nominee will be decided by a group of parish councillors who will carefully consider each nomination.




The John Lutman award community service award is presented to a resident who has significantly contributed to village life. It is in memory of John Lutman who, over 30 years, gave a great service to the village. This year we had a good number of nominations for several people all of whom give time and energy to the village in various ways.

Tis years winner is Bill O’reilly. Bill has been webmaster of the village community website for a long time, he has worked hard to keep it up to date and added new information promptly He has got on with it in his usual quiet but efficient way. He has now decided to step back and will be a hard act to follow. 

We would like to thank him for all the hours he has put in and reassure him that the community website will continue to provide information and publicise events. Bill will be receiving a cheque for £150 to donate to the charity of his choice which is Friends of The Conquest Hospital.

It will be presented by John Lutman’s widow .


Graeme and Leoni Gambrell, proprietors of the Fairlight Village Store and Post Office are the 2020 recipients of the John Lutman Award. This award is presented by the Parish Council for service to the community. Graeme and Leoni, since taking over the Village Store, have provided a friendly service in the store, always been willing to help with ticket sales, provide space for the library and many other assets for the community. This year especially, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that the community has felt safe in the shop and those that have had to self isolate have been able to get supplies delivered. They have received a cheque for £150 to donate to a charity of their choice and have decided to donate it to the Village Hall Chair Fund. 


Marsham Older Peoples’ Project (MOPP) volunteer Val King and her husband Tony received the John Lutman award for Community Service in Fairlight. The Trophy was presented by Pauline Collins, the Parish Clerk of Fairlight. Along with the marvellous new trophy, Val and Tony also received a cheque for £150 which they donated to two of their favourite charities, MOPP and The British Legion. Robert Pasterfield accepted the cheque on behalf of MOPP and thanked Val and Tony for all the hard work they do for the village and especially MOPP.

Click Here to find out more about MOPP.


Frank James was the recipient of the John Lutman Award for Community Service 2018. The award was made at the Parish Assembly on Friday 18th May and the photo shows the trophy being presented to Frank by Janet Lutman. Frank was given a cheque for £150 to be donated to MOPP, his nominated charity.


Congratulations to Laurie Beetham who is the recipient of the John Lutman Award for Community Service 2017.

The award was made at the Parish Assembly on Friday 12th May and the photo shows the trophy being presented to Laurie by Janet Lutman.
Laurie was also given a cheque for £150 to be donated to his nominated charity the RSPCA.


A huge thank you to this year’s recipient of the ‘John Lutman’ Award, Shirley Gilbert for donating her prize of £150.00 to the Marsham Older Peoples’ Project (MOPP) as her chosen charity.

Shirley has been involved in many clubs here in the village as secretary for the past twenty-two years including the village hall, the W.I., the bowls club, the T.L.C and MOPPs.


This year, after deliberation over many nominations by the Committee (Cllrs Mier and Revd Gibbs), they have decided to award the honour to George Hensher for his work with Fairlight Preservation Trust and other charitable work within the Parish.

George`s achievements were read out by the Chairman. Whilst very grateful, humbled and honoured to receive the award, George has chosen to give the £150 to the Marsham Older Peoples’ Project.

George Hensher receiving the Lutman Award from Andrew Mier at the 2015 Parish Assembly. 

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