Working on behalf of the residents of the village of Fairlight

Fairlight Parish Councillors act together in the local interest to improve the local environment, initiate and lead projects and act on matters that local people need, notice and care about.

About the Parish Council

Fairlight Parish Council consists of nine Councillors who are volunteers and are elected by the public every four years. These Councillors work as a corporate body, making decisions for the benefit of the community.

These Councillors have statutory responsibilities for certain aspects of the village. They are the first tier of governance for residents and the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue.

Councillors aim to ensure that the views of the community are taken into consideration by other agencies, authorities and organisations responsible for taking decisions which affect Fairlight and its inhabitants.

Hastings Country Park woodland
Hastings country Park woodland

Register of Interests


Issy Horsley


Chair Finance & Administration Committee
Chair Planning Committee
Indepen dant DISH Councillor
Land Management (drainage Issues)
Staff Appraisal
Fairlight Preservation Link

Carol Sharpe

Vice Chair

Planning Committee
Finance & Administration Committee
Parish Council Website
Emergency plan warden
Awards Panel
PC Facebook Group
War Memorial Steering Group
Village Hall Liaison

Derek Greenup

Grants Officer
Police Liaison
Fairlight Watch Officer
Staff Appraisal

Ron Fellows-Turnbull

Land Management
Emergency plan warden
Finace & Administration Committee
Rights of Way Officer
Tree Warden
Awards Panel
Fairlight Watch Officer

Andrew Mier

Rother District Councillor

Carl Maynard

East Sussex County Councillor

Tim Grohne

Rother District Councillor

Pauline Collins

Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer

35 Waites Lane,
Fairlight TN35 4AX
tel: (07487) 822729


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