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Click here to use Fix My Street to Report, View or Discuss local problems to Rother District Council. Fix My Street is the place for issues such as overgrown hedges, pot holes, broken paving slabs or fly tipping.

Rother Planning link

Click Here to go direct to Rother Planning Portal to view planning applications, decisions and appeals.

East Sussex Highways

Click Here to report a problem to East Sussex Highways such as drainage, roads and pavements.

Lighting Bonfires

We live in a beautiful place, but our enjoyment can be spoilt and health put at risk by palls of smoke drifting over the village and surrounding countryside, sometimes for days on end. To ensure we and all the visitors who come to Fairlight can enjoy this beautiful spot, we ask all residents to consider a few basic questions before deciding whether and when to light a bonfire:-

1. Is the weather warm or hot? Are people likely to have their windows open, or likely to be outdoors enjoying the fine weather?
Please don’t light a bonfire at all in fine weather, regardless of the time of day or night. It’s very annoying to be driven indoors by smoke and to have to close all the windows.

2. Is there a brisk wind that will carry the smoke away quickly? Or will the smoke linger and smother surrounding gardens and countryside?
Please don’t light a bonfire in any weather unless a brisk wind will carry the smoke away reasonably quickly. As well as being very unpleasant, a heavy blanket of lingering smoke can cause and aggravate breathing difficulties, endangering other people’s health.

3. Is my bonfire material suitable for burning?
Please ensure there is nothing in your bonfire which will produce toxic smoke and endanger other people’s health.

4. Could the position of my bonfire damage shared hedges, adjacent vegetation or property?
Please choose a safe and suitable place for your bonfire. Please ensure it won’t burn or scorch boundary hedging or damage your neighbours’ property or planting in any way. Please ensure your fire is out or otherwise safely contained before you leave it.

5. Do I light bonfires too often?
If you light bonfires regularly, even for short periods of time, the fact of it being a regular event could be irritating for your neighbours.

6. Should I have a quick word with my neighbours?
Having a quick word with your neighbours before lighting a bonfire is a good idea. It shows you care, and it doesn’t take much effort…a quick phone call or email would suffice. Please remember that it’s not just your immediate neighbours who may be affected by your bonfires…people can be affected for miles around

There is more advice on the Rother District Council Website

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