Fairlight Community Hub

Faircomm is a working group set up by the Parish council to explore the feasibility of providing a meeting place with storage for the use of village groups on the Woods Field Recreation Ground.

The present hut on the recreation ground is no longer fit for purpose and will need investment. We would like to make this into an opportunity to develop the facility for the use of the village.

The new meeting place is not intended to replace the Village Hall, but rather to extend the facilities available in the village.

UPDATE 21/08/21

The group are still waiting for information from  the 5 Architects who were asked to quote.

UPDATE 17/7/2021.

To date the group are still awaiting further information from all the Architects that have been asked to quote for the new Community Hub. Some information has been sent to us, unfortunately all the quotes differ from each other. The reason is that not all the quotes have the same list of surveys, that are required to go with the planning application. This is making it very difficult, for the group, to recommend to the Parish Council which quote would be more acceptable to move forward with.

UPDATE 1/7/2021

Architects quotes have been returned to the group. Further question have been asked by the group because not all the quotes cover all the necessary surveys that will be required. This does mean that the group will not be in a position to bring to the July PC meeting a result of which Architect will be the most suitable for our project.


UPDATE 16/06/2021

The steering group have received the quotes from the Architects (5) and currently sifting through to reduce the number of quotes to a more manageable selection. A series of question – raised by the group – is currently being collated and the Architects will be sent a list of those questions. Two of the Architects have been asked to visit the site – their request to do so – which may help reduce the number of working quotes.

It is hoped that we will be in a position to bring to the next PC meeting, in July, our thoughts and views of what we think is the best
Architect to move forward with.

UPDATE  23/03/2021

At the Parish Council meeting on the 23/3/20201 the councillors gave their permission for an Architect to be sourced to draw up plans ready to go to planning.

UPDATE 29/01/2021

 The current problems associated with Covid are still prominent and while zoom meetings can be held it has proved difficult when
finalising the floor plan. The groups only option was to get all the plans – designed by the group members – and combine them into
one. As one of the members had a drawing package on their computer it fell to them to pull the plans together and produce a solution that
encompassed all the plans. This has now been finalised and agreed by the group.

The plan, along with a location site plan and building requirements have been sent to 3 prospective building companies. They are a steel type company, a modular build and a timber framed company. We are currently awaiting their replies with an estimate – as this is all we can ask for at present – because we have not employed the services of an Architect or Surveyor. The group want to see an expected estimate before moving to the next step. We have also asked two local builders if they would like to provide an estimate.

As you can see there has much that the group have been doing, even though we cannot meet it has not stopped us doing as much as we can. We even found the old plans of when the Activate Hut was put up in 1999. This is a great help as it shows where everything is, cesspit, the old toilet block and construction method for erecting the hut. This will save our architect and surveyor time when we get to the next stage.


UPDATE  2/12/2020

Original plans have been returned from a Modular Build Company and have been returned for re-evaluation and costing as the design was more than what was asked for. The group will meet as soon as possible when the plans have been returned. There is a meeting due on 9th December but this will depend on the return of the plans in time. If they do not return in time a meeting will be set in the New Year.

UPDATE  2/11/2020

Because of the new Government lockdown the group will not be meeting until the lockdown is over.  

UPDATE    29/09/2020

The group have come up with a suitable floor plan for the New Community Hub and have asked several Modular Building Companies to visit the site to see if they can meet all our requirements.  Modular builds are possibly the most maintenance free, sustainable, Eco friendly structures, can provide a turnkey solution, cost effective method of build and the quickest to errect.

Thoughts have been given to storage for future and curent  groups/clubs that may wish to use the facility, a possiblke libaray, a kitchen suitable for events as parties/clubs that may wish to cook on site.  The car parking at the site will also need to be improved.

The group will also look to other build types, just in case the end result from the Modular Build cannot meet all our requirements.

The build must be expandable for future requirements and fit for purpose from planning to hand over. Consideration must be given to the current situation that we find ourselfs in and be adaptable enough for the fututre when we are back to normal.

Future updates will appear here when more information is available.

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