Five year Plan







4.1 – Voice of the Community

4.2 – Engagement

4.3 – Health and Wellbeing

4.4 – Planning, information and notification

4.5 – Environment

4.6 – Public Spaces

4.7 – Governance

4.8 – Partnerships






Fairlight Parish Council’s (FPC) last Parish Plan was published in 2006 and was intended as a four-year plan. With that in mind, the Parish Council sanctioned a survey to find out from the residents of Fairlight, the key issues, highlighted by residents, that would drive the work of FPC for the period of the plan. It covered roads, transport and traffic, housing, recreation, social and community, environment and commercial development.

This Five-Year Plan has been produced as a statement of Fairlight Village Parish Council’s vision, values, objectives and key priorities for Fairlight. The aim is to provide Fairlight residents with a clear insight of what the Parish Council is trying to achieve and its delivery. The Plan will identify what the Parish Council plans to focus on for the next five years and will be used as a guide each year to set the budget for the next financial year.


New Councillors joined the Parish Council in May 2019 and felt that a five-year plan steering group should be formed to agree the content of a survey to drive the next Five-Year Plan. Questions on how people felt about living in the Parish, as well as about housing, services, dogs, crime prevention, cars and speed limits, road hazards, businesses in the parish, transport, parish information, parish facilities, leisure activities, tourism, young people’s involvement, activities and clubs that people would like to see for both young and the not so young were asked.

The questions were generally multiple choice with the opportunity for free text comments.

This survey was delivered to all the properties in Fairlight in hard copy, as there was not one individual type of media that we could ensure would cover sufficient properties.

The survey was advertised through the Village Store, the Fairlight Resident’s Association email system, Facebook and banners were placed at the entrance to the village and at the Village Hall. There were also two drop-in afternoons in October for residents who would like help with filling in the survey.


Our vision is for Fairlight Parish Council and the local Community to work together to protect and improve the social, recreational and environmental well-being of Fairlight. Also, the lives of all who live, visit and work here.

This Plan will be a live, ongoing and updated document that sets out what the Parish Council believes they can achieve by directly involving the residents.


4.1 To be a strong voice of the community and represent their views.

How do we do it now?

Communicate – via the current website of the Fairlight Residents Association (FRA), FRA mail system, noticeboards, bus stops, word of mouth, Fairlight magazine, Hastings & Rye Observer, the Post Office, telegraph poles and private notice boards.


– To listen

– To launch a new Parish Council website

– To provide Councillors and the Clerk with new Parish Council emails addresses

– To launch a Facebook page

– To continue using all the above means to communicate

– To provide a newsletter

– To convey the communities views, needs and aspirations to the appropriate

statutory body or non-governing bodies.

4.2 To engage with the Community and support the work of the village, voluntary

organisations, clubs and groups.


– Questionnaire/Survey

– Open days to assist the community in filling in the questionnaire and other issues.


– Young and not so young residents

– Clubs, groups, societies, organisations, agencies and individuals.


– To publish the Actions of the survey on FRA email system, notice boards, bus stops, word of mouth, Fairlight magazine, Hastings & Rye Observer, the Post Office, telegraph poles and private noticeboards

– To encourage the Community to come to the PC meetings and HAVE THEIR SAY

– To provide a public forum at every council meeting.

4.3 To maintain the health and well-being of all residents in Fairlight.


– To explore the provision of a monthly drop-in cafe

– To publicise and support sports activities

– To publicise and support exercise/fitness organisations

– To explore transportation facilities and requirements.

4.4 To provide planning information and notification.


– To continue to provide a Planning Committee to review and comment on applications

– To advise on current development sites – Wakehams Farm, The Cove Public House, Market Garden Site and other future applications

– To monitor Tree Preservation Orders.

4.5 To highlight environmental issues and local concerns.

– Proposed solar panel array in Hastings Country Park

– Wood Field Recreation Ground usage

– Wood Field Children’s Play Area

– Knowle Wood woodland management and usage

– Use of Parish Council assets including bus shelters, notice boards

– Road traffic management

– Parking in the village

– Speed limits and other highway issues.


– To aim to increase a Police presence in the village

– To ensure Councillors are aware of issues within the community using working groups and volunteers

– To provide information on current FRA website, FRA email systems, noticeboards, bus stops, word of mouth, Fairlight magazine, Hastings & Rye Observer, the Post Office, telegraph poles, private notice boards, new Parish Council website and Facebook page.

4.6 To maintaining existing public recreation spaces, buildings and equipment including litter bins and dog bins.


– To continue to provide a Land Management Group to oversee day-to-day maintenance

– To regularly check condition of all facilities and carry-out risk assessments annually.

4.7 To be well managed, providing sound governance and financial management.


– To ensure Councillors and Clerk/RFO have the opportunity to attend high

level training with annual reviews to provide the best possible service to the

community as agreed by PC/Chair

– To carry out annual risk assessments and act on findings

– To review all policies and procedures on an annual basis

– To adhere to the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and continue to provide accurate financial records and audited accounts.

4.8 To work in partnership with external statutory and non-statutory bodies.

– East Sussex County Council and Rother District Council

– Other Parish Council

– Charities and voluntary organisations

– Agencies and contractors employed by the Parish Council.


Of the 965 surveys sent out here were 358 responses. This equates to a 37% response of residents in the Parish. The following is a summary of answers question by question.

5.1 Length of time in village 5.2 Age of respondents

About You   % Received   Under 11 years   % Received
Less than 1 year 12 3   11 – 18 years 0 0
Between 1 & 4 years 52 15   19 – 25 years 1 0
Between 5 & 9 years 70 20   26 – 35 years 3 1
More than 10 years 220 61   36 – 65 years 112 31
        66 – 79 years 182 51
        Over 80 67 19

5.3 Length of time in village 5.4 Overall

    % Received       % Received
I was born in the Parish 9 3   I love living in the Parish and belong here 284 79
Moved into the Parish by choice, work,retirement 339 95   I like living here but may not stay 58 16
Was found housing in the Parish 7 2   I feel no attachment to this Parish at all 9 3
        I am unhappy here and am looking to move 1 0
        I am happy living here, but feel it is unlikely I will be able to stay (e.g. lack of suitable housing) 10 3

5.5 What is it about the Parish that makes you proud to live here?

Top Responses in Priority Order: lovely neighbours – community spirit – peace and quiet – countryside – the surroundings.

5.6 If there was one thing you could change?

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Do Not WantWant

Do not want Want
No more Housing Improve road surface in and out of the Village
No parking on the pavement Pub
Discourage parking on the verges 20mph in the Vilklage
Street Parking More frequent bus service

5.7 Do you belong to any clubs in the village? List all related comments or other activities currently not going on or new clubs that you would like to see.

  • Pilates,
  • chess,
  • computer,
  • yoga,
  • difficult to break into existing clubs,
  • scouts,
  • football,
  • netball,
  • more field events,
  • friendly people in the clubs,
  • craft club,
  • fitness club,
  • wish that the flower club could start again,
  • lots of clubs to join in the village.

Top Responses in Priority Order:

– Pilates

– Yoga

– Chess

5.8 Housing

Types of house to be built if new building takes place Yes No No Opinion
Homes for local people 225 25 34
Properties with small business potential (workshop, offices) 77 126 48
Starter home with 1-2 bedrooms 140 90 36
Family homes with 3 or more bedrooms 108 104 46
Executive homes with 4 more bedrooms 44 160 38
Flats or apartments 74 130 40
Retirement properties with ease of access 227 39 31
Adapted housing (e.g. for disabilities) 181 44 47

5.9 Infrastructure

What is your view on the following services Adequate Inadequate No Opinion
Hedge management 144 118 69
Drainage and gully clearance 137 140 61
Paved footways 180 105 49
Non-paved footways 141 96 82
Refuse collection/recycling 312 31 4
Community recycling facilities (bottle bank) 106 141 77
Road maintenance 56 281 9
Road sweeping and litter management 212 93 34
Grass verge cutting 187 120 31
Freezing weather mgt (gritting, snow clearing etc) 158 135 51
Sign posting (footpaths, villages, road names, amenities) 261 49 29
Public footpaths (stiles, gates) 238 60 41

Top Responses in Priority Order: roads in a deplorable state – hedges over pavements and main road – pot holes – signs need cleaning and repairing – some footpaths need clearing of vegetation.

5.10 What is your view on the following services in the village?

  Adequate Inadequate No Opinion
Mains electricity supply 328 14 5
Mains gas supply 322 5 18
Mains water supply 314 28 5
Foul drainage 197 101 41
Telephone services 291 38 14
Mobile phone reception 150 186 12
Broadband/fibre optic 166 154 26
Television reception 218 118 13
Access to the internet 211 98 30
Village website 228 20 92

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Bad Good
Low broadband Village web site
Mobile phone service  
TV reception  
Elec & Water services out of date and need replacing  
Foul Drainage  

5.11 Dogs 5.12 Crime Prevention

  Yes No No Opinion     Yes No No Opinion
Do you consider dog fouling to be a problem where you live 103 229 16   Have you been affected by crime within the last five years 60 284 5
Are there enough dog bins where dogs are frequently walked 148 125 74   Is the response to reported crime adequate 63 72 196
Do you have any dog related concerns (strays, livestock etc) 29 243 68   Do you feel that more could be done to enhance crime prev. 164 35 122

Crime Prevention

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Would Like Don’t Like
Our own PCSO Youths racing around the country park at night
More CCTV coverage  
Internet and phone scams more freely communicated  
More police visibility would deter would be offenders  

5.13 Car Parking and Speed Limits

Number of cars in your household – include all vehicles Yes No No opinion
No vehicles 28 0 0
1 vehicle 155 0 0
2 vehicles 120 0 0
3 or more vehicles 47 0 1
Do you have an issue with parking near your home? 73 267 2
Is there sufficient parking to access community facilities -village hall, shop, playground recreation ground? 168 141 35
Are designated community car parks adequate? 133 117 75
Are the needs of the pedestrians adequate given the nature of a rural community? 212 99 31
Are the needs of cyclists adequate given the nature of the roads within the Parish? 140 100 93
Are the speed limits set to high where you live?* 144 183 16
Are speed limits to low where you live? 13 290 24
I live near a serious road hazard ** 162 108 24

* In Priority Order: Battery Hill, Waites Lane, Fairlight Road, LWL, LWL and spur roads.

**Top Responses in Priority Order:

– Outside hairdressers and Meadow Way

– Coastguards Lane and main road

– Village Hall corner to Broadway and Waites Lane

– Cars opposite each other in Waites Lane

– LWL and Broadway corner.

5.14 Business, Trade and Employment

For Business Owners/Employees Only Yes No No Opinion
Did you acquire an existing building within the Parish 1 33 0
Did you establish a new business within the Parish 22 12 0
Is your business home based 22 11 0
Were you attracted to the Parish specifically to establish a business 1 32 0
Number of employees in your business 1 0 0
Sole worker 21 0 0
From 2- 4 10 1 0
From 5 – 7 2 0 0
From 8 – 10 0 0 0
From 11+ 3 2 0
Are there benefits to running your business within the Parish* 9 18 7
Are there issues running your business from within the Parish** 4 21 3

*Close to home, all work is in the village **Poor Broadband.

5.15 Transport

  Yes No No Opinion
Do you use any bus services to travel within the Parish? 139 198 3
Do you use any bus services to travel beyond the Parish e.g. Hastings, Rye or further afield 186 160 2
Do you use the Tesco bus 7 318 3
Are the bus services adequate given the rural nature of the Parish 177 96 73

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Not Good Good
No evening service after 6pm Normally good bus service
More frequent service  
Should use smaller buses  
No timetable  
Buses half empty  
Types of transport used by you Nos. % Received
Private car 322 90
Motorbike/Moped 13 4
Bicycle 25 7
Bus 119 33
School bus 4 1
Taxi 101 28
Car share arrangement 12 3

5.16 Parish Information

Indicate how you get info about the Parish Yes % Received
Church/Parish Magazine 91 25
Notice Boards 210 59
Local newspaper 119 33
Fairlight News quarterly mag. 289 81
Fairlight Residents Ass. website 202 56
Shop noticeboard 147 41
Word of mouth 239 67
Flyers and leaflets 108 30
Email 178 50
Facebook groups relating to Fairlight 89 25

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Poor Good
Media communication needs to be better monitored FRA email system is good
Email system slow and mixed emails Good community in the Village
FRE email system is not a professional system but random  
Email system needs to be factual  

5.17 Which Parish facilities do you use?

  Frequent Occasional No Opinion
Children’s play area 21 94 185
Recreation ground 78 160 83
Public footpaths (stiles, gates) 198 113 19
Parish Churches 29 116 163
Village Hall 128 180 32
Community library 18 37 246
Wildlife and country areas 225 87 23
Knowle Wood 96 162 68
Other places 17 3 9

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Don’t Like Would Like
Knowle Wood has been over cleared Outside gym facilities
Used to walk a lot in Knowle Wood before it’s destruction RHNR
  Application for a new Village Hall

5.18 Other Leisure Activities

  Yes No No Opinion
Are there enough organised leisure activities in the Parish 264 14 69
Are you aware of the new Community Hub (building) being planned on Wood Field 240 106 4
Are there enough leisure activities to attract people outside the Parish 167 47 129

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Don’t want Want
Village Hall is enough – more cars parked at the hub will cause a problem More activities
A new village Hub is not needed Village Hall is enough Pentanque court
  The number of clubs is amazing

5.19 Tourism

  Yes No No Opinion
Are there enough leisure activities/tourist? attractions to bring people into the Parish 133 91 115
Do you support the encouragement of tourism into the area 149 105 87

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Don’t want Need
The village has enough tourism Pub
Apart from walkers , nothing should attract visitors Amenities, Cafe, Toilets
Support tourism but NOT off roaders, Quad bikes etc A leaflet of walks
Why would we want more tourists More signs, NO beach access

5.20 Volunteering Activities

  Yes No % Yes % No  
Are you involved in any volunteering activities* 103 238 29 66 *Rye Harbour, UA3, reading in schools, care for the elderly, housebound library service.
Would you like to be involved in? volunteering 38 211 11 59  

5.21 Children and Young People Responses

How many children’ responses are included in this survey  
1 10
2 3
3 2
4 1
Child 1 Male/Female  
Under 8 5
Between 9-12 6
Between 13-15 5
What do you like about living here  
My friends are here 6
Playing on outside spaces 8
Access to the countryside 11
Close to school 6
Social activities/clubs 6
What don’t you like about living here  
Not enough to do 7
Not enough sport 4
No transport 5
Too dark 3
Dangerous Roads 2
Child 2 Male/Female  
Under 8 4
Between 9-12 3
Between 13-15 0
What do you like about living here  
My friends are here 3
Playing on outside spaces 6
Access to the countryside 7
Close to school 4
Social activities/clubs 3
What don’t you like about living here  
Not enough to do 2
Not enough sport 1
No transport 3
Too dark 3
Dangerous Roads 1
Child 3 Male/Female  
Under 8 1
Between 9-12 2
Between 13-15 0
What do you like about living here  
My friends are here 2
Playing on outside spaces 2
Access to the countryside 2
Close to school 1
Social activities/clubs 1
What don’t you like about living here  
Not enough to do 1
Not enough sport 1
No transport 1
Too dark 2
Dangerous Roads 1

The survey asked ‘What could be done to make life better for young people’?

Don’t Like Would Like
Dealing with cars blocking the pavements More support for groups and clubs fr youngsters
  More sports clubs
  Good football posts

The survey asked ‘What activities or clubs would you like to see for young people’?

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Would Like Don’t Like
Football Play area is a bit boring
Tennis for the young  
Rounders at night for families  
More things to do on the playground  
Large plastic buckets for children with disabilities  

5.22 Questions for the not so young

  Yes No % of Yes Received
Do you live alone 74 228 21
Do you have regular contact with neighbours 274 31 77
If NO would you like more contact with others 14 53 4
What do you like about living here  
My friends are here 152   42
Access to countryside 264   74
Social activities/clubs 141   39
I have my own transport 251   70
What don’t you like about living here?
Not enough to do 9 0  
Not enough sport 4 0  
No transport 16 0  
Too dark 14 0  
Dangerous roads 64 2  

Top Responses in Priority Order:

Don’t Like Do Like
large scale redevelopment drives out local residents pleasant environment
some villagers are too cliquey seeing starts at night
mechanical devices and speeding cars at weekend seeing foxes and badgers
  need more housing
  voluntary helping organisation helping the elderly in the village

5.23 Fairlight Parish Council

  Yes No Possibly
I am interested in PC matters and in becoming involved in the working parted 261 250 85


David Shortman – Chair

– Planning Committee
– Fairlight Preservation Trust Liaison

Issy Horsley – Vice Chair
– Planning Committee
– Chair of Faircomm
– Lower Waites Lane Drainage Incident Coordinator

Pauline Collins – Parish Clerk

– Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer

Derek Greenup
– Grants Officer
– Police Liaison
– Speedwatch Liaison
– Planning Committee

Stephen Leadbetter
– Chair of Planning Committee

Steve Stewart
– Planning Committee
– Faircomm Committee
– Emergency Plan

Collette Slack
– Land Management (Knowle Wood)
– Website
– Grants Officer
– Emergency Plan

Geoff Smith
– Land Management (Woodfield)
– Highways

Councillor Vacancy



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