January 2021

Tuesday 26th January – 1900 hours
Venue: Zoom Conferencing –
Joining details available on the agenda.

Parish Council Meeting

Agenda to follow.

December 2020

Tuesday 15th December – 1400 hours
Venue: Zoom Conferencing –
Joining details available on the agenda.

Finance and Admin Committee

Tuesday 8th December – 1430 hours
Venue: Zoom Conferencing –
Joining details available on the agenda.

Planning Committee

*Parish Council Meetings Explained

Parish Council meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, apart from December. The latest Agenda can be found under The Parish Council tab at the top of the page. They are a meeting of the full Council and all Councillors are expected to attend.

These meetings are formal events, with a clear purpose – to make decisions and not be a talking shop. They are important, as this is your Parish Council team in action. These meetings much be advertised and the public and press have a right to attend, observe and report on how the Council operates.

People have an opportunity to raise questions. However, this is not a discussion opportunity; the Parish Council can follow points up with you following the Parish Council meeting.

Parish Council meetings last between one – two hours and are usually held in Fairlight Village Hall. Due to COVID-19, Council meetings are presently held via Zoom, the video conferencing website. Fairlight Village Hall has toilet facilities available and car parking, however, there are no refreshments during the meetings.

At ordinary meetings of the Parish Council, business will usually be dealt with in the following order:

  • – Record of Members present;
  • – Record of apologies from Members unable to be present;
  • – Declarations of interests (existence and nature) with regard to items on the agenda;
  • – Formal announcements from the Chair;
  • – Agreeing the minutes of the last meeting and signing them;
  • – Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda (which includes an opportunity for Members with a      
  •    prejudicial interest  in any item of business on the agenda to make representations, answer questions and give evidence);
  • – Any business remaining from previous meetings;
  • – Any appointments of committees;
  • – Any appointment of members of the council to other bodies;
  • – To receive recommendations from committees. Normally only one recommendation may be discussed at a time, but the 
  •    Chair may allow two or more recommendations to be discussed together where this is conducive to the efficient conduct
  •    of business;
  • – To receive business motions from Members;
  • – Other business placed on the agenda (e.g. authorisation of orders and payments, to consider internal auditors and           
  •    external auditors reports).
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